Emanation- 7 Stages of Existence

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Emanation- 7 Stages of Existence

Postby DarthLocke on Sat Feb 25, 2012 10:49 pm

On and off I keep coming back to the initial differences of the red and blue universes (seasons 1-3). I kept feeling like the red universe represented something more fixed, in action, extroverted in comparison to the blue universe that comes off as mutable, in conscience, introverted.

More often than not the blue universe episodes that specifically deal with conscience and/or memory...whether the plots play with memory loss ("Grey Matter","Subject 13", "The Cure" ) going into one's conscience mind, and/or conscience/memory sharing ("The Pilot", "The Transformation", "Jacksonville", "Olivia", "The Plateau", "L.S.D", "The Day We Died", "The End of All Things")

With multiple universe it's easy to come to theories laid out by scientist like Sir Roger Penrose and Stephen Hawking about cycle cosmology with origins from Big Bangs, but really these ideas are philosophically much older and include other cycles of existence.

Some cultures and theologies believe that there are several esoteric planes of existence after corporeal DEATH. And don't believe in 'The Big Bang' singularity as the origins of these things instead to look to something called Emanation...

Emanation, from the Latin emanare meaning "to flow from" or "to pour forth or out of", is the mode by which all things are derived from the First Reality, or Principle. All things are derived from the first reality or perfect God by steps of degradation to lesser degrees of the first reality or God, and at every step the emanating beings are less pure, less perfect, less divine. Emanationism is a transcendent principle from which everything is derived, and is opposed to both Creationism (wherein the universe is created by a sentient God who is separate from creation) and materialism (which posits no underlying subjective and/or ontological nature behind phenomena, being immanent).

According to Rosicrucians, another difference is that there is no such thing as empty or void space.
"The space is Spirit in its attenuated form; while matter is crystallized space or Spirit. Spirit in manifestation is dual, that which we see as Form is the negative manifestation of Spirit--crystallized and inert. The positive pole of Spirit manifests as Life, galvanizing the negative Form into action, but both Life and Form originated in Spirit, Space, Chaos! On the other hand, Chaos is not a state which has existed in the past and has now entirely disappeared. It is all around us at the present moment. Were it not that old forms--having outlived their usefulness--are constantly being resolved back into that Chaos, which is also as constantly giving birth to new forms, there could be no progress; the work of evolution would cease and stagnation would prevent the possibility of advancement."

What if humanity in it's naturalistic pure divine one timeline found a way to rip itself apart by finding a type of esoteric or astral plane. What if they tore open their conscience plane, possibly an along side plane of life and after life, apart from their physical bodies and the results are the pair of entangled universes now manifesting in a parallel image of what ever was lost from these actions?

I will try to give an example of this using somethings in pop culture we know. In Lost we have "The Flash Sideways". IMO the FS was humanities fail safe astral plane of conscience that acted as an along side plane that showed the transformation of humanities progress which could be experienced mostly in one's state of corporeal death, but even that state mirrored a physical reflection of action in which one perhaps got glimpse of the next corporeal life's 'future', but that couldn't be reach until the action of waking up previous memories to this state, in order then to move on from it.

But this Flash Sideways was separate from the corporeal characters with the exception of being able to consciencely "tap into it" (Desmond)....But imagine if there was a way to open a door to that plane! What would happen? Would something innate reconstruct itself around the physical laws and start breaking those laws???

Violet Sedan Chair - SEVEN Suns (rising/setting).
In occult teachings and as held by psychics and other esoteric authors there are seven planes of existence.
Most occult and esoteric teachings are in agreement that seven planes of existence exist, however many different occult and metaphysical schools label the planes of existence with different terminology.

The ideas behind these beliefs in planes really delve into Eastern Thought a great deal and when get into those ideas, we get the impression that there might be several ways to work "conscience" onto itself and/or the physical world, trying to reach some goal of happiness or wholeness.

IMO it is a daunting task to try and add the idea of seven planes onto some lost time line in conjunction to a physical cycle cosmology that may include a direct connection to 'the physical plane'. (corporeal) But thinking about Death and Rebirth, I have to wonder if the blue universe and it's capacity to create iterations of itself is reflective of "the conscience" working itself back to wholeness, and that Peter is the one really being worked to do that. If he is the one that died and has to be reborn in several states in order to come to realize he has to let go of all blue Olivia's because she herself is only part of the truth, part of the truth that reflects a fragment to some half of a missing Olivia, as he himself may not even be "a whole" Peter and that may yet be another reflection of these experiences.

But another reason this is a daunting task is we would have to ask ourselves if these other planes of existence come with a different set of quantum mechanics, rules, or even purpose of existence?

The Observers themselves are in some ways in role of "the archangels" as episode titles such as "making angles" and "A better human being" play to there evolution which in term may then coincide with the possibility that Peter's experiences might deal with 'altered states' or planes of existence. --But in some mythology archangels themselves are said to be from an astral plane, form "The End of All Things" we get into a notion of truth to that idea as when Peter goes into the mind of September is literally in astral plane of the birth of the universe(s). --And does not reflect normal human experiences and that September controls the state himself, proving to be a master of his own mind.

Another way to look at this is, what if in a dior near death state, the people of the original time line tap into the plane and never leave it. Like consciencely time traveling in 'the matrix'??? --As a mean to re right their own history, and this is why the red universe and the red universe Bishops present a problem that needs fixed, because they are somewhere dreaming in this state they are and the Observers become more like nano bots?

Anyways this not so much a theory, as just a way to look at the situation from a different angle...

Yet for all their evolution, they form no bonds.
Love does not exist for them. They are incapable of dreaming,
Of contemplating beauty, Of knowing something greater than themselves.
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