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Re: [Official] True Blood Ep. 2x11 Discussion

Postby Ciubia on Thu Sep 03, 2009 10:29 am

I know you don't hate Eric, MB! I was just picking on you!! :PP

I'm starting to think we have an awesome love/hate relationship worthy of a tv show! :lol: You start a fight with me in the Harry Potter thread, I start a fight with you in the True Blood thread and then behind the scenes we're all love and hugs! :rofl:

I cannot resist spoiler tags so
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...OMG!!!!! I'd love to see that happen, not because I don't like Bill, I like him, but I think that his relationship with Sookie needs some shacking and that would be interesting. That would imply that vampires were aware of how special Sookie was from the beginning!
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