IMPORTANT: Forum policy concerning LOST finale spoilers

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IMPORTANT: Forum policy concerning LOST finale spoilers

Postby Dharmageddon on Fri Mar 05, 2010 5:21 pm

IMPORTANT: Forum policy concerning LOST season finale spoilers:

With the series finale of LOST about to start filming, we would like to stress that spoilers concerning the finale episode MUST be kept to the designated finale spoilers sub-section. For clarity, this concerns episodes 6.16, 6.17 and 6.18. No finale based spoilers should be posted outside of the sub-section.

You can visit the designated finale spoiler sub-section by clicking here.

Failure to comply with this simple request will result in a lengthy forum suspension or community ban without warning. There can be no excuses.

Finale episode spoilers concern all spoiler material pertaining to the three hour episode. This includes but is not limited to Previews, Sneak Peeks, Podcasts, Articles, News Stories and Interviews which reveal information from the finale episode. This also includes photos and videos from the set, press releases, casting calls, the title of the episode/s, and any other spoiler material which reveals information about the finale episode.

Please abide by these wishes. You have been warned. Thank you.
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