How to make a Bug Report [Read before posting]

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How to make a Bug Report [Read before posting]

Postby Maqrkk on Sun May 11, 2008 2:11 pm

Here at the SpoilerTV forum, we like to ensure that the forum is running efficiently, and that can often involve seeking out forum bugs and errors. It is important that such bugs and errors are fixed quickly. Should you ever encounter a bug/error, we ask that you please notify us by posting a thread in this section. We only ask that you do a quick check to ensure that the bug hasn't already been reported by somebody else.

When posting a Bug Report, we expect you to follow a few basic guidelines.

Firstly, begin your thread title with "[Bug]", followed by a suitable name for your thread.
Secondly, please include all relevant information pertaining to the bug/error, within your actual message. It is important that we know the frequency of occurance, as well as which browser and operating system you are using.

We ask that you use the following thread template:

Bug: Name of the bug.
Description: A short summary of the bug, in which you explain what is wrong.
Testing environment: Sometimes a bug is specific to a browser. To make it easier for us to address the errors, please include details of your browser, and anything else you might deem important.


Thread title: [Bug] Spoiler Tags are broken

Bug: Spoiler Tags are broken.
Description: The spoiler tags are not functioning properly. When I click on the spoiler box, nothing happens! They do not display the information inside. This has been happening for two days.
Testing environment: I am using Firefox, on Windows XP.

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