How to make a Suggestion [Read before posting]

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How to make a Suggestion [Read before posting]

Postby Maqrkk on Sun May 11, 2008 2:15 pm

Here at the SpoilerTV forum, we like to ensure that the forum is running efficiently, and that can often involve revising how certain things work, as well as implementing new forum features. We value user feedback, and so if you have a suggestion for ways in which we can improve the forum, please share it with us. We only ask that you do a quick search before hand, to ensure that your suggestion hasn't already been discussed.

When posting a suggestion thread, we expect you to follow a few basic guidelines.

Firstly, give your thread a suitable title. It should start with "[Suggestion]", followed by the name of your suggestion.
Secondly, in your actual message, please explain your suggestion clearly. Take time in explaining your suggestion, and please use proper English (if English is not your native language, please try the best you can).


Thread title: [Suggestion] Quick Reply

Quick Reply
I'd like to suggest a 'Quick Reply' function for this forum. It's easy to use and it can save a lot of time! Quick Reply exists as a small text box which sits below the thread that you are viewing. Using the box, you can input text and submit your reply quickly and easily, instead of having to navigate to the reply page, which can be time consuming.

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