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Re: [Official] Flash Forward Ep. 1.19 Discussion

PostPosted: Thu May 13, 2010 5:19 pm
by SmokeyD
bigdaddyhen wrote:In the scene where they have the "wave" going out just before the blackout, there were two that collided, which actually started the blackout. Did people take that to mean that there was a second device, or was this just the other side of the same wave wraping around?

The inference I pick up on is that the people that Simon/D. Gibbons were working for have some sort of device (probably the origin of the second propagation wave), but it needed to interact and work with the energy that was generated by Lloyd's experiment. I get the impression that the bad guys device needed Lloyds/Simons experiment for theirs to work...

So either it's a single large device, or a network of smaller ones working together. D. Gibbons did say soemthing about a planet wide monitoring network, probably has something to do with it...