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[Official] Grey's Anatomy Ep. 7.02 Discussion

Postby PandaVamp on Thu Sep 30, 2010 1:45 am

“Shock to the System”


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James Tupper ("Men in Trees") Guest Stars

"Shock to the System" -- After weeks of concealing the fact she was pregnant and miscarried, Meredith at last tells Derek and is finally cleared to return to her surgical duties in the wake of the hospital shooting spree; Cristina experiences post-traumatic stress disorder in the midst of an operation; and Bailey refuses to let Alex operate until he agrees to have the bullet in his chest removed, on "Grey's Anatomy," THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 30 (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

"Grey's Anatomy" stars Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey, Patrick Dempsey as Derek Shepherd, Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang, Justin Chambers as Alex Karev, Chandra Wilson as Miranda Bailey, James Pickens, Jr. as Richard Webber, Sara Ramirez as Callie Torres, Eric Dane as Mark Sloan, Chyler Leigh as Lexie Grey, Kevin McKidd as Owen Hunt, Jessica Capshaw as Arizona Robbins, Kim Raver as Teddy Altman, Jesse Williams as Jackson Avery and Sarah Drew as April Kepner.

Guest cast includes James Tupper as Andrew Perkins, Ashley Crow as Linda, John Walcutt as Paul, Camille Chen as Kerry, Walter Perez as Russ, Chuck Hittinger as Mitch and Eric James Ramey as Warren.

"Shock to the System" was written by William Harper and directed by Tom Verica.

Source: ABC

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Re: [Official] Grey's Anatomy Ep. 7.02 Discussion

Postby McSunny on Fri Oct 01, 2010 9:36 am

I liked the epi even though I was a bit disappointed in the rest of the MerDer scene. Wasn't really much more to it. Still altogether it beats us hearing that they "talked" about it off screen.

Starts with Mer in with the trauma doc. She's crying and going on about how horrible & terrifying it was for her to see Derek get shot. She finally says she feels much better to have talked and is ready to get back to work. Doc says we'll talk about that tomorrow and she's like but.... He asks her if she needs another tissue or a hug and she tells him rudely to go hug himself and stomps out.

Crowen in bed. C waking up and looks shocked like just realizing what they did. Owen talks her down. Tells her it's all ok and she just needs to eat a breakfast bar, have a shower and he'll wash her hair and she needs to get back into surgery. She needs blood. She nods.

Pagers going off for everyone. April waiting outside and cops pull up and let Der out. She tells him he smells like pee. Der is pretty grouchy.

Calzone walking and Az talking about decorating the apt to make it less frowny and dark and more smiley.

Scene with Bailey running into Alex and touching his chest and feeling the bullet. Tells him he can't have any surgery until he gets his bullet out.

Owen/Teddy asking the chief to clear Chris for surgery. Says she needs it and so he clears her.

ER with Bailey and all and they are bringing in the patients that were struck by lightnening. Flag football team that is all guys except one girl. Mark giving out patients and gives Lexie the girl. Scene with Mark telling Callie he wants to propose to Lexie and Callie saying not now.

Mer treating a patient, Russ, and he's asking how Carrie is. Der talking to Mer and saying they almost ook his license. Mer goes to check on Carrie. Carrie asks about a patient named Warren. Another guy Mitch comes in and starts telling Carrie that he loves her. Seems they all have a crush on Carrie and because of the accident they all want to share their feelings before it's too late. Mark says Carrie has 2 broken ear drums and can't feel her legs because of the shock but she'll be ok.

Az showing Callie paint samples and asking her to chose one.

Alex working on Warren and says he seems ok. Mer comes up and says Carrie is asking about him and then Warren gets up, Mitch & Russ come up and they all go into Carrie's room to express their feelings. Warren starts vomiting blood and they rush him out.

Bailey tells Warren he has a bowel perforation and needs surgery but he'll be ok. Bailey looking for a resident. Alex wants to go but she won't let him. Lex wants to go but Mark is behing her shaking his head no to Bailey. He doesn't think she is ok yet. Mer wants to go and of course April rushes up and says Mer isn't cleared. Mer tells April if we are going to be friends you have to stop doing that. Bailey takes April.

Az/Teddy talking about the trauma doc. Who cares?

Mer/Chris watching TV. Alex, Jackson there and Lex walks up. The news shows the flag football team getting hit by lightening and Lex starts ranting about something to do with Carrie and rushes off. They all think she's nuts.

Scene where Richard finds out about Der being in jail and Der gives his speech about driving fast and how amazing it is. Looks so cute. Lex rushes up and is jabbering at him about Carrie and saying please come look. Everyone looking wierd at Lex but Der goes with her.

OR with Bailey on Warren. She will only let Alex watch.

OR with Teddy/Owen/Jackson and Chris.

Mer/Alex have a nice scene in the gallery while watching Chris about he thinks he is like lightening with women and he meets them and they go nuts. Mer tells him that's not true. Down in the OR Jackson backs into a tray and knocks it over and it scares everyone and that is when Chris is on the floor. Mer rushes down to the OR. Great scene with Mer laying on the ground talking to Chris. Sandra Oh was really incredible. Mer talks her through getting out of the OR.

Der, after doing a CT on Carrie, tells her she has a problem with her spine but he can fix it. Takes her to surgery and takes Lex with him.

Mer/Chris in locker room and Owen comes in. Mer leaves. Chris tells Owen that he was wrong about everthing.

Scene with Callie/Mark about not skipping steps in relationships. Mark says life is too short and he's going to tell Lex that he wants to be there for her. Callie says go for it.

Scene with MerDer just like in the sneak. After Mer says her bit about being worried every minute of the day. Der smiles and says "I'm here and I'm ok. We're ok". Mer looks at him sadly and tells him she was pregnant that day. She was pregnant and she lost the baby. They barely show Der a few seconds and he looks down and looks upset and says "you didn't tell me, I could have helped you". Mer says if you want to help me control your driving, that is something that you can do to help. Der nods and smiles sweetly, kisses her and hugs her.

Chris/Owen in locker room. C says she can't do it and Owen says she may not be ready but he thought she was ready. C says she can't be in the OR and so doesn't know where she can be. Owen says you can be here with me. You are my wife. Chris looks at him and says "I'm so sorry" and gets up and leaves. Leaves her ring in his hand.

Lex pushes Warren into Carrie's room and they say they love each other.

Bailey pages Alex then tells him to get on the surgery table. Says she doesn't want anymore reminders of that horrible day hanging around. She has plenty of reminders so she needs to take his bullet out. So Alex lets her remove the bullet.

MerDer come home and Chris is sitting there. Der goes upstairs.

Mark catches Lexie leaving the hospital and wants to talk to her. Lex gives him a speech about she knows he wants to help her but she just wants him to leave her alone. Mark says "you got it".

Mer/Chris laying on the floor together. C saying 50% of marraiges end in divorce so that between them that MerDer should be ok. C says she thought it would fix her. Mer says that's not why Owen married you. C says he married a shell. Mer says she told Der about the miscarraige. Mer says Chris got married for better or for worse and this is the worse part. The better part will come. She tells Chris she needs to go home. Owen burst in and he says that he gets how she feels. She's terrified and angry and she has a right to be. He says he felt that way and he took it out on her but that she was patient and stood by him because she loved him. Owen says he's not going anywhere without Chris. He's staying no matter what. Chris gets up and tells him lets go home. Mer walks by him and tells him "I fixed her before you came, but nice speech". LOL.

Mer with the trauma doc. Says she lost a baby, almost lost her husband and her bestfriend may never recover so she just gives up. Doesn't know what else to do. Trauma doc says sounds like a plan and hands her the paper that clears her for surgery.
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Re: [Official] Grey's Anatomy Ep. 7.02 Discussion

Postby Joshua on Sat Oct 02, 2010 11:26 pm

A pretty good ep. Poor Christina :(
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