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DarkUFO Chat Room Rules/FAQ

Postby congested on Wed Jul 16, 2008 4:15 am

17th July : Added Proper IRC Etiquette section (DarkUFO)

This FAQ expands on the one you can find on the chat room page. The purpose of this FAQ is to give people a more comprehensive overview of what can be done with the chat room and how to do it. This is in no way the end-all. The chat server has tons of features available to you.

Server Information

The DarkUFO IRC chat room is located at this address: irc://irc.rizon.net/darkufo. To use the chatroom with a web browser simply visit it here.


These are the rules that will always apply to the DarkUFO chat room. Failure to follow them could result in a ban, which could potentially be permanent.

  • No Spoilers. Spoilers include episode previews, descriptions or any other types of spoilers regarding upcoming episodes.
  • No hate/discrimination/attitudes. Use common sense when chatting with people and try to be nice.
  • One connection per person. The server will automatically ban you if you create multiple connections (connect through more than one window)
  • No all caps, all the time, please.
  • No flooding/spamming.


A command is a simple string of info you provide the server with, which then generates an action or response from the server.


  • Registering a Nickname: /msg nickserv register password email@email.com - NOTES: Make sure to do this from the nick name you are hoping to register, if not you will attempt to register the wrong name. If the name is registered already you will be told so, and you will have to pick another name.
  • Logging in: /msg nickserv identify password - NOTE: Join the chat room with the name you registered to do this successfully.

Other Commands:

  • Hide Your Host Info: /msg hostserv request vhost.here - NOTE: To hide your host info you can request a "vhost" for privacy.

Fun Commands:

  • /me: /me action - NOTE: Generates an action done with your user name. /me jumps = congested jumps.
  • Twitterbot: .last / .latest - NOTES: TwitterBot will check the DarkUFO Twitter for new posts on the site and automatically link to them in the chat room, as they appear, every 5 minutes. The commands let you manually check for new posts.

Using An IRC Client

Because the DarkUFO chat room is hosted on an IRC server you can access it without having to go to the web-chat page linked on the site. You can use chat applications or plug-ins which will give you, potentially, more abilities in the chat room, and may enhance the experience.

IRC Clients:

Below is a list of chat programs to be used as a starting point for chatting with an IRC client:

Setting The Client Up:

This is really simple, and will vary a bit program-to-program. Basically what you want to do to make your life easy is automate a few things:

  • Connecting To The Server: You want to find the connections tab, or its equivalent and make sure that you have it connect to irc.rizon.net when you launch the program/plug-in.
  • Logging In: There should also be a place for you to enter commands when you connect to the server, this is where you want to enter the login command (see above).
  • Join Chat Room(s): In addition to having the client log you onto your registered account you want it to also connect to the chat room automatically so have it enter this command: /join #darkufo.

Chatzilla (Firefox) Help:

These instructions are for setting up your login and auto-joining of the #DarkUFO chat room on the Firefox IRC Addon call Chatzilla.

  • 1. Start Chatzilla (Firefox > Tools > Chatzilla)
  • 2. Click "Chatzilla > Preferences" and under the "global settings" section and the "startup" tab, and add an "auto connect url" and type in: irc://irc.rizon.net
  • 3. Now under the "irc.rizon.net" section on the left, set up your nickname.
  • 4. Click on the "lists" tab and under "auto perform" input all the channels you want to connect to on startup with this format:
    /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password
    /join darkufo
  • 5. Next time you startup Chatzilla it should automatically connect you.

See: full step-by-step ChatZilla guide

Colloquy (Mac OS 10) Help:

  • 1. Launch Colloquy.
  • 2. Choose Connections (Window > Connections)
  • 3. Click the "New" icon and enter the server information in the "Chat Server" box: irc.rizon.net
  • 4. Click the "Remember This Connection" check box.
  • 5. Connect to the server.
  • 6. Go back to the Connections window and click the "Info" button while selecting irc.rizon.net. Click the "Automatic" tab and add "#darkufo" to the "Join Rooms" column.
  • 7. If you are registered to the chat server you may be prompted for a password at some point during this process. Enter it and add it to your key chain and you won't have to enter it again.

More Stuff

Still not satisfied? Good. Because there's more. If you want more info on IRC or the chat room check out these links:

  • DarkUFO IRC Support Thread: This is where you go to ask questions and post problems you are having with the chat. We will do our best to answer you, but please be patient and make sure to follow all the forum rules when posting here (including double posting, please).
  • The Rizon.net Wiki: This site has all the commands available to users of the rizon.net IRC server, which is where the chat room is hosted. All the commands available to you are explained here.
  • What Is IRC?: Thank you Wikipedia.

What Is "Voice?"

This is a common question we've been getting. Voice simply means that if the room needs to be moderated or is too crowded only voiced users will be allowed to talk. This will not happen often and if you just want to come in and chat you don't need to worry about it. Users who have been around a while and trusted will receive voice from the ops. Voice really isn't a huge deal, so if you are just here to chat don't worry about it.

Hope that helps and if you have any more questions feel free to post them in this thread. We will update this FAQ as needed and as we see more problems re-occur. Enjoy Chatting.

Proper IRC Etiquette

Away Messages
There is absolutely nothing worse than any type of away message that generates noise. Especially on a busy channel, where such a thing can result in instant banning. Generally, it's in your best interests to turn off all broadcasting "away's" that your IRC client may have. When using a new IRC client, before connecting to a server or going away, you should check to make sure that your away message settings are all set to silent. Especially since a few popular IRC clients come with away message broadcasting enabled by default. Now that I've told you all of this, I'm sure that I shouldn't even have to mention that switching your name based on your various periods of inactivity can also be rather annoying, especially when overused.

Nick Changes
Constantly changing your nick to let us know what you are doing is just as annoying as using an away message. It is not necessary that we know that you are going to the bathroom by changing your nick to **** or that you have wondered outside to check the mail by changing your nick to John-Doe-Postalbox. No matter what you do, nick changes you perform show directly into the channel and get very annoying to see constantly. If you are going to be away from the computer, simply use an away message that does not announce when you do /away Gone **** to the channels you are in. Pick a nick and stick with it for as long as you shall live. Or if you want to constantly change nicks, do it BEFORE you get into the channel or AFTER you leave the channel. Buffer space is quite precious and doesn't need to be filled with: John-Doe is away Cuz I need to **** or John-Doe is now known as ****.

L33t speak
On IRC, it's very important for users to be able to understand what you're saying, so, obviously, sp43k1ng with symbols and numbers in the place of letters is not a very good thing to do if you really want to be taken seriously. Using painfully bad grammar and ridiculous amounts of nothing but smiles generally go along with l33t speak and both practices are frowned on.

It is also very important to understand that using excessive punctuation isn't necessary as well. If you ask a question and use 10 ?'s after it doesn't automatically mean everyone is going to jump up and start answering your question just because you feel it to be so very urgent. The best way to handle things is to type your sentences/questions just as if you would in real life on paper or something similar. Excessive punctuation only draws attention to you as being in a hurry and sometimes it's even considered rude. One exclamation point(!) or one questionmark(?) is plenty of punctuation to get your point across.

Asking Questions Properly

If you go to a channel and need help with something remember to be polite to those that you're asking for help; of course, that is if you want a response. Remember that the people there are not there for the single purpose of helping you, they also have other things to do and thus if you're being rude and nasty, chances are that they will do those other things instead of helping you with your problem. And you could be kicked and/or banned from the channel if rudeness persists. And it's always good to say thank you after being helped by someone (regardless of whether they were succesfull in fixing your problem). It doesn't take a lot of effort and it really is a good thing to do, if only because it makes people more willing to help you in the future if they remember you as being nice.
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