LOST: Deconstructed & Solved (MAJOR SPOILERS)

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LOST: Deconstructed & Solved (MAJOR SPOILERS)

Postby duat on Tue Nov 16, 2010 1:20 am

Namaste LOST Fans

I would like to present an interpretation to those fans of LOST who felt the series ended without answering many of the mysteries presented within the show.

Found on the blog site are over 130 pages of content which should assist in understanding the true brilliance of LOST. The site must be considered a HUGE SPOILER and I would advise against viewing the content if you are a new viewer to LOST or have not yet completed the show.

The information presented on the site should be considered my personal interpretation to LOST based upon the clues decoded within the show and information found on LOSTPEDIA.

Hopefully after reviewing the content on the site, the information may provide a reference for the show and seen as a decoded companion. Prompting each person to re-watch the series again (and again) with informed minds and see the absolute masterpiece we call LOST.

I would appreciate constructive feedback on the blog's content, in hopes of presenting a 100% solved and correct information resource.

The site can be found at the following address:


If you choose to view the content, start with the "LOST Prologue" menu item (Top of the page) and work your way through the content. There is a fair amount of reading involved but the information is invaluable to your own personal LOST experience.

Thank You, and I look forward to your comments.

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