[SPOILER] Ask Ausiello 14/05

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[SPOILER] Ask Ausiello 14/05

Postby BearaceDougie on Wed May 14, 2008 8:02 am

I posted several of these scoops in there respective forums, if they were thread worthy,

Otherwise if you want to see all the scoop on other shows, Visit tv guide,O therwise heres the highlights from the Ask Ausiello report for 14/05.

Source: TV Guide

Question: How will Dirty Sexy Money explain Samaire Armstrong's absence next season?— Lisa
Ausiello: I'm hearing something about her getting sucked into a c**t.

Question: When can we expect to see Entourage back? I hope it's soon. I totally need an Ari fix.— Abby
Ausiello: You'll get your Ari fix beginning in September. The jury's out on when you'll see Mrs. Ari, however. An Aushole with bionic hearing overheard Perrey Reeves chatting on the phone with her agent on a recent Jet Blue flight from New York to Los Angeles and, at one point during the call, the actress seemed to suggest that she was haggling with the show over money. My mile-high mole also reports that Reeves was strongly encouraging her rep to get her cast on Mad Men, presumably as January Jones' new confidante. Long story short: My doodle's up to $110!

Question: Now that we officially know Scrubs is returning on ABC as a mid-season show, I only have one question: How many new episodes will we be getting? — Mike
Ausiello: Eighteen episodes, but there's a twist. Several twists, in fact. Check my Ausiello Report blog later this week for more on that.

Question: There's another long lost Walker on Brothers & Sisters? Who's thinking Everwood’s Gregory Smith as Ryan? — Jake
Ausiello: I certainly am! But the real question is whether the folks over at B&S are thinking it. "Right now, we're keeping our options open," says exec producer Monica Owusu-Breen. "We're just starting to talk about the character and the actors that may be right for the role. But we don't have much more than that to report right now." Notice how she didn't rule Smith out? Interesting. Veddy interesting. In related news, the campaign to get Gregory Smith on B&S starts right here, right now. Are you with me? I said, Are you with me?!?!?

Check Out the above link for a full rundown!
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