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The Ties that Bind: Why BSG Fans Should Have Watched Caprica

PostPosted: Wed Jan 05, 2011 4:38 pm
by DarthLocke
The Ties that Bind

Why Battlestar Galactica (RDM) fans should have watched Caprica.
When Caprica was first announced I was very exited. I enjoyed the first released version of The Pilot. But as time went on the show runners became rather over expressive in that this prequel series was going to be rather different than it’s predecessor and that it would stand on it’s with new fans not needing to know anything from Battlestar. Some how I think this caused me to be disgruntle by the time the show took off for it’s first half of the season. It also maybe didn’t help that upon first viewing I hated the last 20 minutes of Battlestar’s finale episode, Daybreak.

Listening to some other Battlestar fans on the internet I learned that many people could not stand Caprica. For some it was too slow, for some too many storylines, some hated that teenaged terrorists plot line. For me it was non of that, but something else. I loved Battlestar because it was the first show that presented this spiritual debate amongst fans about there being something BIGGER in the universe that was pushing and leading the characters. I loved Battlestar because it was eerily mystical. By Battlestar’s end I think it became very hard to deny that there wasn’t something bigger happening, as more and more of the characters started to experience uncontrolled astral projections, and had rather ethereal experiences, where laws of physics were defied.

"It happened before, it will happen again.”

From the beginning of Caprica I felt that this mystical element should be there as also laid down in Battlestar, “It happened before, and it will happen again”. Caprica also should have mirrored the fall of Kobol and Earth 1 and therefore there should have been weird experiences happening to these characters as well. What I found out was that I am too impatient and expected this reveal too soon. While I waited for Caprica’s second half of the first season to return I rewatched the whole series of Battlestar. I was near the end when Caprica had an early fall return…and then suddenly it happened. With in the first few episodes back they gave me those things that were missing that I desperately needed the show to have. I had finished that finale when Caprica was cancelled and then proceeded to rewatch Caprica. And because Battlestar was so fresh and the writers gave me that thing I needed the parallels and tie backs became SO much clearer to me that I could now see Caprica as genious, rather than just a good show.

The biggest ties are with Zoe and what she means to both series. In BSG we learned that Pythia and Kara were tied through the roles of Kobol’s “Aurora”, Goddess of the Dawn. Even though they may not have been the same person in that of physical DNA separated then by time and space, they still shared in an evolution of one being’s role by leading ‘the people’ home to earth. I think that same can be said of Zoe and Hera. (Kara and Zoe both have fathers named Daniel who played the piano in addition the missing number 7 is also named ‘the Daniel”)

"Then shall the maidens rejoice at the dance. Structural integrity of node seven restored. Repressurizing. The children of the one reborn shall find their own country. End of line."

To start off lets examine Zoe’s and STO’s symbol the infinity symbol. Infinity means to ‘go on forever’, but other variations of the words meaning can be ‘eternity’ or ‘eternal’. When Zoe dies and has left a copy of her avatar behind, in which serves as a nearly perfect copy, she eventually also gets stuck inside her father, Daniel’s, first centurion robot (CYLON). Zoe, in the cylon’s body, asks her friend Lacey for help in finishing Zoe’s work as the original Zoe had died in a terrorist attack. Lacey explains that she is like 3 versions of the same person and Lacy calls her ‘ a trinity’. In many theologies and philosophies the power of 3 and trinity is often a symbol of humanities ability to transform into something greater than ourselves, and/or a representation of the stages/cycles of Life (life, death, and rebirth).

If we turn the infinity symbol a quarter in either direction we get the number “8”. The final five of the thirteenth tribe that left kobol and earth1 end up meeting “The Gaurdians” on their return to Kobol. The Gaurdians have been said to be the earlier versions of the centurions and so it stands with reason that the guardians would be of Graystones design. They tell the five, according to the final five comic book series’ and Battlestar, that they will end the war with the humans for resurrection technology. Ellen agrees upon learning that souls could be copied to the centurions providing her with a missing link to her own work.

"Today I made a choice. I think it was my last one."

From their the 8 models are created. 2 of the number 8’s become pivotal in saving the human race in Battllstar. “Boomer”, who is first disloyal to the humans, eventually chooses to save Hera from the hands of Cavil. In addition this mirrors Sister Willows actions in "Apotheosis" as the terrorist-spiritual leader now is supporting the newer models of the Centurions

Another 8 eventually becomes pregnant with a human man’s child creating a human-cylon hybrid. She has to work hard to prove her loyalty to the crew of galactica, and she starts with helping them find the tomb of Athena on long lost Kobol, which is suppose to show a map to earth like the 13th tribe. Because of her success they give her the call sign of Athena. While on Kobol fans learned a little history about the Goddess Athena, in that she committed suicide by drowning her self after the 13th tribe had left for earth. In addition her tomb is marked by a pair of TWIN mountains called, the gates of Hera. It is for this reason Karl and Athena name their child Hera. Hera becomes vital in both race’s survival. And it's any wonder then that Zoe's favorite fable is that of "the dragon fighters of Kobol"!

In Caprica we get this sense that Zoe fell into her work and belief system and eventual association with STO because she felt unloved and left behind. We learn that at age five she was in a house fire. She wasn’t saved by either of her parents, but an older celestrial version of herself. It was through this messenger that she became more aware that her parents were manipulitive, her father may have credited himself with her work inclusing ideas--visions she was drawing the centurions at a very young age. The it was also revealed that Zoe’s existence to her parented was considered “an accident” as they were not planning on having children. Amanda, Zoe’s mom, also revealed that she had PPD and did not want to hold or be with Zoe after she was born and I think it’s clear Zoe forever picked up on this notion and believed that both of her parents were un capable of just simply loving her. Later Amanda who has become rather lost in life commit’s a fake suicide by jumping off a building and landing into a body of water. Amanda is Zoe’s biological mother mirrors that of Kobol’s Athena. Sister Clarence Willow is a teacher at Zoe and Lacy’s school which honors Kobol’s “Athena” as there patriot arch of their school. However Willow is really a monotheist, a high ranking member of STO and could be portrayed as a “mother” figurehead to the children of the Athena Academy and/or the children of STO.

"I have a message for you from the one you worship. He speaks through me to you, just as He speaks in your dreams. The message is... the fruit born of two peoples is alive. A child named after the wife and sister of the all-knowing Zeus: Hera lives.  Yu will hold her in your arms, and you'll know for the first time what it is to feel true love, but you'll lose everything you've done here."

Getting back to the numbers, if we take the 8 and slice it vertically right down the middle we get a mirrored “3”. Once again this points to the trinity, but also the duality found within. In Battlestar it was a number 3, Diana, who would learn ‘the plan’ of ‘the one true God’ through saving Hera, which was a message of love. It is also this 3 that would seek the truth about the final five as to know them was also to know the ‘the face of the one true God’. Zoe’s and STO’s purpose in the 12 colonies was to show the people of Caprica (as they are “the lost children”) of the existence of “the one true God”, as STO means, The Soldiers of the “1“, in which sadly the means into which to express that message was divided amongst factions of a cult in which some believed in the use of terrorism. This divide itself is also reminiscent of BSG’s cylon civil war amongst the 8 models as to what God’s plan was. It is also revealed that Cavil, a number 1, is responsible for hiding the truth about the five and like some of the terrorists of STO wanted to use violence as a method to destroy humanity as he took out what was done millions of years ago on Kobol on the final five and 12 colonies and revived the cylon war against humanity.

"Perfection. That's what it's about. It's those moments. When you can feel the perfection of creation. The beauty the physics you know the wonder of mathematics. the elations of action and reaction and that is the kind of perfection that I want to be connected to."

Physically the number 3 in science is a very strong structure as it is the triangle shapes that build the ancient structures, such as Egyptian pyramids. Pyramid is name of the game played on the 12 colonies. The irony then that Zoe’s father would own the Caprican team, The Buccaneers, as young ‘Willie” Adama dreams of being a pyramid player, only to have a final five member, Sam, who was given false memories to become a Buccaneer during the time of “the fall”, to become a hybrid on the bridge of his Battlestar: Galactica during the final episodes of BSG. Sam is also the name of William’s uncle who is a gangster eventually through a joined venture with his brother, Joeseph, does bidding on the behalf of Graystones. In the last episode aired Sam uses a centurion to settle a battle.

"Two protons expelled at each coupling site creates the mode of force, the embryo becomes a fish that we don't enter until a plate, we're here to experience evolve the little toe, atrophy, don't ask me how I'll be dead in a thousand light years, thank you, thank you. Genesis turns to its source, reduction occurs stepwise though the essence is all one. End of line." 

In addition Boomer, the 8 who went against the humans upon activation, also had false memories implanted. Before she was activated she believed she was a human born and raised on Picon . Picon is named for Pisces which is the symbol of the 2 fish swimming in opposite directions connected by a (karma) chord. Some associate Pisces with Christ as one of his symbols is also the fish. In addition though another symbol associated with Christ is a panther. Picon’s pyramid team is the Picon Panther’s. Christ was considered a part of the holy trinity as he was said to be resurrected upon death. (Father, Son, Holy Spirit)

Other connections: Sometime a Great Notion!
Willow was a teacher who is rather spiritually envolved. Laura Rousilin becomes of the same way-a teacher, then a spiritual leader. They both fear death and look the hope of these little girls to lead the way. However Willow was more of a destroyer of Zoe at first and then flipped and Laura was more of a savior of Hera but flipped. Clairence had a cabin in the woods in which she takes Amanda to bond. Laura wanted to have a cabin in the woods, with a stream. Willie hated the outdoors and fishing as child when his father takes him to a stream to bond. When he went with his father too boys made fun that he and his father wee Tauran and he through a ‘gray stone’ at one of the boy’s heads while he continued to beat up the other. The irony, much like with Balter, is that both William and Gaius wanted to escape some of their roots, but both were taken back to them, although we would have to place what could of been of Willies life on Bill...It is Bill who promises to build the cabin for Laura even after her death, as he burries her with gray stones next to the place he plans to build. I think the way in which Caprica ends with Willow living is proof that she never strayed from her belief in God, even if she was proven wrong, where as Rousilin does...she ended up being a character that was threatened by the roles of others...and so it is with great curiosity, that Laura would be the character to see the river that is passage to the [after]life the fields of Elysium, considering it was Willows intent to create an afterlife herself...

“People don’t really die, not until their soul is avenged”

It becomes clearer looking hard at both series that the avenge of Zoe was the redemtion of the human race which is then the promise of Hera.

“See you on the other side.”

I think it’s no mistake that Zoe is reminiscent of Hera. Honestly when I look at either of them they do not physically remind me of their parents. Instead they remind me of children that could have been conceived by Caprica 6 and Gaius Baltar. In fact it is more curious that Zoe, Gaius, and Caprica all have celestrial counter parts of themselves acting as messengers of God and pushing them towards a simulated fate, especially when you consider Caprica’s and Gaius’ unfolding of events as both believe that in one way or another that they would become parents and that this was God’s plan.. It even seems that since no one other human cylon pair had a child, even with the work done on :the Farm” (which the Athena Academy is also The Farm), that to have Hera was something else that was ’miraculous’. What the whole thing together teaches us is that this is the story of a little girl who lost her family to selfish corrupt ways of the world she was conceived in and was eventually given a second chance to get those things back. And that family is about not just the people who biologically conceive you, but all of the people who chose to sacrifice themselves because they love and believe in you.

Theories Left to Pursuit

Lacy Rand's final position has to be the most surprising! As Mother with Centurions that follow her is exceptionally remenicent of Razor's "Guardians"...To me it is Daniel of all characters that did not change. He learned nothing he didn't already know, so it is my guess that it would only be fitting that he does become the first hybrid. The final Five comic book sheds light that the five came to back to Kobol first where the guardians were awaiting them. It was also revealed in the commentaries on Caprica's final episodes that season 2 would have been about Zoe making contact with the final five---the link then would be her obsession with Kobol---as a tie back as seen in "Here Be Dragons". It would make sense that if Daniel via Zoe is somehow preserved, such as the hybrid itself, that Ellen would be in admiration that they had the pieces missing for her to have been able to complete earth 1's long forgotten process in their own resurrection technology and so she could have created the 7 with him/them in mind. In addition getting back to Lacy, I find that she looks like the 8 model's hybrids. I could see a sanario where she could become their hybrid, as Cavil would have knowlege of the whole truth, and it is also clear from Razor, that the 8's also had some ideas about cylon history, suggesting that Cavil didn't do that great of a job wipping out evidence of their true evolution.

Then we have the truth about Bill...This was the biggest blowback, but for cannonical reasons was a good a choice. Now we never see his mom pregnant...and with the proof that other skin jobs might have existed, making the first cylon war possibly more complicated, who knows if Leoben was right about the old man!?! --On another note Apotheosis by means of virtual heaven should also ring back to The fields of Elyseum (where the characters of BSG went when they died)---It seems like whatever happens with skin-job-avatar Zoe must go wrong...but ever since the virtual aspect to BSG was given through Caprica, I have often asked myself, "Is any reality real?" --Because if not, if all reality could end up being a perfected virtual reality, it would then explain the appearances of the messengers (avatars, angels, afterlife) and how one would be created over and over again...