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Dr Jekyll

Postby Sandiwich11 on Wed Jan 20, 2010 5:48 pm

I thought that I would start a topic for our elusive Dr Jekyll as it seems that it is going to be a major arc for at least this season. Who is he, how does he choose his victims, is he new to the LV area or has he been working there for some time?

I am loving the plot so far, and I think that it has gone a long way towards Fishburne becoming accepted in the show. I thought I'd start off by bringing a couple of quotes over from one of the earlier discussion threads, found here:

Maqrrk wrote:I had a totally random thought earlier, what if Ray is Dr. Jekyll? His schizofrenic side or so, that he can't control. So he's actually investigating his own murders. That'd be plain awesome :P

Rogers wrote:I instinctively considered Ray as Dr. Jekyll, it'd make an awesome parallel for him to be Dr. Jekyll, while Langston himself is the upstanding Mr. Hyde. It'd be really cool - but I think that CBS would be more interested in keeping Fishburne for a while - not just one season to have him become the serial killer. then again, maybe they just wanted him for one season to see how the show would do without Peterson?

I agree that Ray being Dr Jekyll may be a shot in the foot for the show, but since his name does seem to indicate that there is a Mr Hyde already known to us I am wondering if it could another regular on the show. What do we know about the character so far apart from he is most likely male, competent medical procedures (esp surgery) and he takes 'trophies' from his victims.

I seem to remember back when they were after the Miniature Killer that Hodges came up as a possible suspect at one point with the fans. I don't think that he fits the bill this time thou, the only one on the team that leaps to mind this time is David, but I don't think it is him. Would be a great story arc for the character, but I like the character too much for him to turn dark and have to eventually be found out :(

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Re: Dr Jekyll

Postby Rogers on Thu Jan 21, 2010 10:29 pm

It should be Conrad Eckley - that guy's a bastard, and should go out with a huge bang. You'd have to forget anything you knew about him, but that actor would make for a mean-looking psychopath, too.
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Re: Dr Jekyll

Postby Maqrkk on Thu Jan 21, 2010 11:21 pm

If it were someone famous, with great surgery skills, it'd probably be either Ray, Dr. Al or Super Dave.

How did they come up with the Jekyll name though?
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