What charges will Dr. House face?

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What charges will Dr. House face?

Postby housecall on Thu Jul 21, 2011 4:25 am


The Charges: From Least Severe to Most Severe

1. Attempted Vehicular assault- E felony 1 1/2 years to 4 years

2. Class A Misdemeanor: up to 1 yr Leaving the scene of the accident

3. Reckless Endangerment- Class B misdemeanor Up to 3 months

4. Criminal Trespass: Class A misdemeanor- Up to a year

5. Criminal Mischief_ Class D felony 1 1/2 yrs- 4 yrs

6. Reckless endangerment of Property- B misdemeanor up to 3 months

7. Manslaughter B felony charged as a C felony because it is attempted. 3/ 1/2 yrs to 15 years.

8. Attempted Murder- 2nrd degree: A1 felony Becomes a B felony 5-25 years-THIS is a PUBLIC CRIME. It no longer matters whether Cuddy or anyone else charges House with anything. The public must be protected under the law. -The police were called to the scene, they have notes on the crime,statements from those "involved" and House.. who has fled the scene of the crime. This will be pursued through the courts.

-House did flee the scene of the accident. If House's drug use (either the new “rat” drug or the vicodin usage) comes into play, this might increase the charges aginst Dr. House. I don't know if these will ever be seen as "mitigating" under these circumstances however but how else would House be allowed to practice medicine again and not serve extensive jail time? Either it's a "fantasy" or these fantasy courts will allow certain information in as mitigating. Fantasy Island Court is possible as a House in jail for an extended period of time with no license- is not an option for this show.

-Does he escape the law? Is he “on the run” playing piano in a bar in Bora Bora or practicing medicine under another name? (yet another crime?). Has House morphed into “The Fugitive”? and where is the man with one arm? Does he have amnesia and can’t remember certain things? Is this one possible reason for the time warp? (the lack of the Cuddy character being another obvious reason)Does he eventually turn himself in? Will he be on the run and eventually be pardoned (possibly because of some great diagnosis on a VIP)?

How do we KNOW this is either in House's head or Legal Fantasy Land? Simple. Because in Real Life:

-House's license to practice would be revoked permanently. He would be a convicted felon. End of show.

If the ending turns out to have been real (and I'm not convinced it is), I do think, despite what I might have suggested, lots of ways for it to go in Season 8.Looking forward to the final journey as House enters what is probably it's final Season.
"You don't know which of my symptoms are real and which are fake" says the patient in this episode to Dr. House. We're in a similar situation but all I know is that I would lobe to see our Dr. on the run for awhile- meeting new people and being in different surroundings with different people.

Just one way it could go. Interesting to see what direction the writers take.

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