I have a couple questions

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I have a couple questions

Postby spartfb77 on Wed May 11, 2011 3:41 pm

1. What happened to Mia A.K.A. Speedy from season 9, she is GreenArrows sidekick in the comics so it doesn't really make sense that they just stopped showing her on here?

2. Do you all think they should either do a movie after the show wraps up on friday or should they do another series with same cast just different storyline instead of having it being about clark becoming superman have it be about superman/clark and lois, oliver and the rest of the cast protecting the world, eachother, and living their lives still outside of the group?
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Re: I have a couple questions

Postby haydenclaireheroes on Tue May 31, 2011 11:16 pm

1. I love Speedy in the Green Arrow comic books and I am very upset that she did not have many episodes in the series. Also I really loved the actress because she played CJ in Tower Prep. With some shows instead of giving an ending to a character they do not want to show they usually just don't show them anymore. They think the fans would not notice and just forget about the character. Heroes was really famous for doing that and I guess for Smallville Mia was one of those characters.
2. I think they should make a spin off because there are a lot of spin off opportunities. My favorite spin off would be either having like a teen titans like with conner and new charaters or having a Green Arrow spin off. But a green arrow spin off would probably not be possible because I do not think Allison Mack wants to play chloe anymore and a Green Arrow spin off would not be good without Chloe.
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