What is RCVR?

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What is RCVR?

Postby Stupot on Wed Oct 19, 2011 5:07 pm

Hey guys.

I was just over at Sidereel.com and I came across a show I'd never heard of before called RCVR. It's apparently an action/sci-fi and is on it's 5th episode. I know absolutely nothing about this show and there seems to be no info about it here on SpoilerTV and not even on Wikipedia.

I was wondering if someone here had seen it yet and could they advise me (and everyone else) as to whether it's worth checking out.


[Edit] Just realised RCVR a web-only show, which might explain it's lack of presence on a website about TV... but still, no reason why we can't use this thread to discuss it. :thumbup:
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