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Episode 7.19 - ?????????? - Spoilers

Postby Humbugged on Sat Mar 19, 2011 10:52 am

from Callie_Arizona @ LJ


(likely) Alzheimer clinical trial patient. The patient is awake on the OR table and the doctor is explaining what he's going to do and turns on the drill but the patient starts having a heart attack.

There's a side for a Pharmacy Nurse (PN) who is leaving for the night. A doctor tells her to wait because she has a patient's heart meds and they weren't even opened. The PN says she heard about the patient and she's sorry. The doctor thanks her and the PN takes the meds and goes back inside

Lastly, there's a side for a Cop who is writing a citation and hands it to John. They are in a parking lot/outside of a trailer and the Cop tells John it'll be $500 to get it out of impound. John yells "Come ON!" and the cop tells him he should've paid the tickets and to maybe get an apartment.
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