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Episode 7.21 - ????????? - Spoilers

Postby Humbugged on Sat Mar 19, 2011 10:54 am

from Callie_Arizona @ LJ

Abena, 10 and her sister, Lebo, 17 - (Possibly Arizona's patients from Malawi again. Can't tell whether Arizona or Alex is the lead doctor, because Dr Smith is a "ma'am" in Lebo's sides, and a "him" in Abena's sides.) Dr Smith stands in the ER bay with Abena, who just had a surgery and Lebo, who's taking her home after a month. Dr Smith gives them both some medicine to take at home to fight off infection. She also tells them to have their blood counts monitored at the clinic even if they feel fine. Lebo thanks Dr Smith, and starts wincing. Dr Smith is concerned and wants to check her out, but Lebo refuses. She then collapses on the ground.

Dr Smith works on Lebo in the ER, who's in and out of consciousness. Dr Smith asks Lebo why she didn't tell them about her illness. Lebo was afraid they wouldn't let her fly, as she needs to be with her sister. She asks if there's something wrong with her heart, and then her eyes roll back and she's barely breathing.

Raul and Annette - Husband and wife. Raul came in with a cough, found out from Dr. Smith that he has a pea growing in his lungs. He then wants Dr Smith to perform the surgery on him instead of Dr Jones who has more experience with complex cases like his, because Dr Smith is the only doctor who correctly diagnosed him.

Miguel, 11 - Raul's son (Annette is not in this sides). Dr Richter updates Raul and wants to rule out cancer with a bronchoscopy. Miguel hears this and asks if it's cancer like Grampa had, and he died. Later, Dr Smith tells Raul he has a pea growing in his lung. Miguel looks at Dr Richter and says his dad doesn't have cancer, that Dr Richter was wrong and he's a bad doctor.

Social worker - Allison is in the interview with the social worker in the hospital's family room. The social worker asks her what is was like with her parents not being around much. Allison says she learned to be very independent and take care of herself by age 6. Sensing that the social worker was shocked she was left alone that young, she says that it showed bad judgement. The social worker then asks her about Sadie, and Allison tells her about Sadie's medical condition. Allison doesn't think she's doing well in the interview, the social worker assures her she's just trying to get a sense of who she is. Allison says she's a lawyer and does not know how to be a good parent. The social worker says good parents brag about their children, and Sadie's day involved a hospital. Allison knew where Sadie was every second, and she appreciates her sharing that. Allison is a little taken aback.
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