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Episode 8.17 - ?????????????? - Spoilers

PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2012 11:40 pm
by Humbugged
sides from WindSprints @ TWoP

Lori - 26, a week out of law school. Tells doctors she had her first big interview at a huge firm and nailed it and then she passed out, draped over their coffee table. And she had on granny panties and not her good underwear. Dr. Halston asks if she got the job, she says no. Dr. Halston says once they remove the cyst the next interview will go much better. She also has a tumor but its benign so they are leaving it. Says he/she will see Lori after the surgery.

Mr. and Mrs. Bosson - Lori's parents. Its daytime and post surgery. They meet Dr. Ross and he/she says the surgery went well, she's coming out of anesthesia. She smiles when she sees her parents.

Lori's room, night: Drs. tell them there is a chance Lori may regain some functionality with therapy. They are distraught. Mr. Bosson asks what they hell they did to her, Dr. Ross says it was an outcome they did not foresee, they did everything they could. Mrs. Bosson says he is going to sue, they ruined her life.

Sam - patient in his 50s signing Withdrawal from life support forms for his husband Michael. Michael is brain dead and on a ventilator. He's numb with grief, signs and hands the forms to Dr. Smith and asks if they do it now . Dr. Smith tells him yes, unless there is something he'd like to say. Sam says he's said it all for 22 years and he's sure Michael would like some peace and quiet. Kisses him, says he loves him and that he is sorry. Dr. Smith explains what will happen. Sam is staring at Michael and not listening. Then he tells Dr. Smith that Michael once said "don't give up on me" when they were watching some movie and someone was pulling a plug. Tells Dr. Smith he can't do it. Later, Dr. Smith and Dr. Turner are with Sam. They explain brain death and Dr. Smith tells him to take all the time he needs, its a difficult decision.

Night: Sam's room, vent is off. Dr. Smith says its a matter of time now. Sam takes Michael's hand and talks to him - wasn't supposed to have you, someone so funny and infuriating. And perfect. Who loves him when he's being stupid and selfish and unlovable. Everyday wondered "why do I get this?". Now its being taken away and he has to let him go. Forgive him, he doesn't want to, doesn't want to let him go.

Mara: Dr. Reed shows Mara into the OR gallery. Mara asks if 5th years still have to cover the ER in addition to surgical rotations and studying for the boards? Dr. Reed says yes, its a rigorous program, says better get back to work. Dr. Reed asks if they can watch for a second. They sit. Dr. Reed asks where she went to school. Mara says her dad is the Director of Surgical Science at Oxford so pre-clinical years at Oxford. Residency at Mass Gen, then transferred to Brigham and here she is. Dr. Reed says its quite a pedigree she has. Mara says a little hard work and a lot of good timing. Mara asks if they can stay and watch some more. (not sure about the genders of the people but Dr. Reed could be April per later in the sides they state they are in April's office).

Lobby, day: Dr. Reed leads Mara through the hospital. Mara says she thought they could check out the cafeteria, get a bite to eat and talk. Dr. Reed says 'listen Dr. Keaton', Mara says 'Mara'. Dr. Reed tells her she's very nice but he's not interested. She says she's not sure what he means, He says he's not looking for, she says 'a hookup?', he says 'or whatever'. Mara asks if he thinks she's being served to him, like a concubine. Dr. Reed says no. Mara says she's not there to service you, Dr. Reed, she's there to serve the hospital. For a grade.

April's office, night: Dr. Reed and Mara sit in front of the fridge eating and laughing. Mara says maybe she/he should tell them Dr. Reed is reconsidering medicine altogether. Banter back and forth - Dr. Reed says pressure getting to me, Mara - you'll skip town, Dr. Reed - travel, or become an actor, yes, tell them that she's heading to LA, etc. Mara says she could stay and learn amazing procedures like how to grow organs from nothing. Mara talks about procedures giving him/her shivers, feels bad for bankers and lawyers who will never know what it feels like to do this, "you're now looking at me like I'm a freak". Dr. Reed says no, not a freak as they get up.

Re: Episode 8.17 - ?????????????? - Spoilers

PostPosted: Mon Feb 27, 2012 9:52 pm
by Humbugged
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