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Episode 8.18 - ????????????? - Spoilers

Postby Humbugged on Thu Feb 02, 2012 11:45 pm

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Gretchen and Olivia - There's a group of women at a widow's group. Olivia is the group leader. Olivia tells them how its weird at first but the words can give closure and strength. She tells the to find a private moment later and say the words out loud - "I am a widow". Gretchen is one of the women in the group and she shares her story at Olivia's request. She tells about how her husband Jason died. As she explaining how he died Oliva starts laughing.

: ER, asking for Kirby. Dr. Hall tells her to try not to move and if she recalls what happened. She says she needs to know if Kirby is OK, Dr. Hall says as far as he/she knows they are taking him to surgery and asks a nurse to find out about the gentleman that came in with Naomi. Naomi says that is Paul, she wants to know about Kirby, her bear.

Post-Op: Dr. Hall bring Paul to Naomi in a wheelchair. Naomi stirs, Paul tells her not to move and that he is there. She says "he's gone". Paul says he's there, Naomi says Kirby is gone. He was her best friend for 20 years and now they're going to take him away because of Paul.

Paul can't believe it and tells her he saved her, Naomi says he freaked out because Paul was screaming like a bitch. The argument continues - he was going for your throat, its how he plays, no its how he hunts because he's a bear living in a 2 bedroom townhouse and he should be in a forest. Paul says she'd be dead if it wasn't for him, he's a freaking gladiator and they are so over.

Nurse Colleen: steps up to the group, its her last day, wants to say good bye. Gives quick hugs to Dr. Meyers and Dr. Hall then stops at Dr. Thompson. Its a strange moment. Nurse Colleen is tearing up and asks if its ok if she gives a hug. Dr. Thompson says yes, of course, give me a hug. Colleen does and the hug lasts long than the others, a lot longer.
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