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Episode 8.20 - ?????????? - Spoilers

Postby Humbugged on Sat Mar 10, 2012 2:37 am

from WindSprints @ TWoP


There's 5 sides for doctors. Each is interviewing a candidate and its likely each of the 5 residents interviewing as the end of their residency nears.

Delivery Man - delivers a basket of heart shaped cookies. A nurse is at the desk and signs for the cookies that are for Dr. Watson.

There's a side with a detective interviewing what appears to be a kidnap victim, Ally. Ally knew the person and names him to the detective and knows she was in a one story house. Stares down and her lap and is silent. Detective tells her the more she can tell them they better chance they have of making sure it doesn't happen to others.

Daycare worker - at night in daycare center Jenny searches for her child. Daycare worker says Jenny, everyone stops, at the bathroom door there's little Will with a worker holding his hand. He had to pee.

Dr. Goodwin is in her 60's, distinguished, there is a Harper Avery Award on the wall, it's the "big leagues." She tells the interviewee that if Jim Thomson tells her she needs to meet a young surgeon, then she needs to meet this surgeon. She then points out that before they go any further she needs to know just how serious she is about this program and about moving.

Sides for Ally's parents Kathleen and Frank have been released. There's also a side for Michael a counselor and a reporter. From skimming through it appears that Ally has been gone for years. It gave me the impression that its an Elizabeth Smart kind of story with Ally but that's just a guess. Could be an interesting case.

Ally has been renamed to Holly. A side was released for her, she's been through hell. There's also a side for a part with no lines - a boyfriend for someone who walks with her holding hands, whispering, etc.

Michael "David" (no side) is telling Michael to get that man (Allan) out of here, that she was left alone and vulnerable. Michael tells David that Allan is a patient there also and his condition has progressed further along than his mother's. Michael says it doesn't mean she loves him any less, its one of those things that can happen. David says not to them, that she is married. Michael explains that Allan is also married and his wife stopped visiting when the relationship started. David asks if Michael is suggesting he abandons his mother, is that his solution?

casting news

from Wetpaint

http://www.wetpaint.com/greys-anatomy/a ... -exclusive

Vanessa Marano from Switched At Birth has been cast as the kidnap/rape victim who has apparently been held for years


https://twitter.com/#!/LaurieLizSmith/s ... 37/photo/1
https://twitter.com/#!/LaurieLizSmith/s ... 96/photo/1

pics taken of filming at Ontario Airport either coming or going to the interviews
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