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Supernatural fanfiction rec thread

PostPosted: Wed Dec 14, 2011 10:37 pm
by magoghair
I LOVE fanfiction,and my favorite show and fanfic genre is supernatural. I had a Dean and Sam hurt/comfort club on the CW,and I wanted to find a way to bring all those amazing rec's over here. I looked and I didnt see any for supernatural ,so I thought I would just start a supernatural rec thread.

I'll start by rec'ing my fav author on fanfic adder574. she writes the BEST AU teenchesters

I'll try to come and rec some stories

Re: Supernatural fanfiction rec thread

PostPosted: Fri Dec 16, 2011 12:58 am
by magoghair
One of my all time favorte fics is by author Sharlot at the story is called "Killing me softly". its a Dean hurt/ Sam comfort fic. EXTREMELY well written. ITS so vivid you can almost see and feel what Dean is. I totally recommend this fic.

I'm not quite sure yet if we can post links yet or not....but if you do post a fic you want to share,because it just was the best thing since sliced bread,then PLEASE post it here. Its hard enought to navigate fics your not into,much less find one so extremely well written you wish they would make an episode about it.

I should also specify that the above fic is set in S1,so please check it out. If you do then Please let us know what you thought of it as well

Edit...story name is "killing me softly" ABOUT a Dark Muse.

Lets jsut say the Dark Muse is VERY memorable...I wish they would do an episode about it.

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This is my all time favorite teenchester story,by adder574. Its AU,Hurt dean. Dean comes down with an illness,that forces John to quit hunting and settle in one area. The angst and problems ensue....

I love how realistic the illness is,and it hit close to home because several of my family members had it. It definitely opened my eyes to exactly how hard it is to have such a life changing illness,and have to learn how to cope.

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This was an AMAZING story written by Numpty. Its S1,Hurt Dean,and some Hurt Sam. Its got great brotherly angst,and issues. Some protective Sam as well.

INCREDIBLY WELL WRITTEN!!! Its a MUST READ!! This author is just amazing.

Re: Supernatural fanfiction rec thread

PostPosted: Sat Dec 17, 2011 4:23 am
by Sharlot
Ah...finally found the thread! Awesome. I'll have to drag over our recs and post them as soon as I have a free moment. So excitin'!

Re: Supernatural fanfiction rec thread

PostPosted: Thu Dec 22, 2011 8:58 pm
by magoghair

I've been finding this story,by Dizzo quite enjoyable. it IS a work in progress. Purely hurt comfort. Dean is hurt,and Sam is helping to take care of him....

Re: Supernatural fanfiction rec thread

PostPosted: Fri Dec 23, 2011 1:48 am
by Sharlot
magoghair wrote:

I've been finding this story,by Dizzo quite enjoyable. it IS a work in progress. Purely hurt comfort. Dean is hurt,and Sam is helping to take care of him....

I've never read anything by Dizzo that I didn't love. Great author. I'll have to bookmark it and read it as soon as I have a free moment. Thanks for the rec, Mags.

Re: Supernatural fanfiction rec thread

PostPosted: Sat Dec 24, 2011 7:49 pm
by Sharlot
I'm pulling over my old recommendations from the CW Lounge's hurt/comfort thread that we had over there. This is not yet a full list of all the stories we recommended, but it's a start. Since it was a hurt/comfort thread, all these stories will be in that genre, and since I'm a Dean-girl, these stories are all Dean-centric. We did have a few folks recommending Sam-centric stories, and I will try and link all the recommendations here. It's a big process to move everything over, so bear with me.

Please read these wonderful stories. And if you really want to make someone's day, leave them a review telling them that you enjoyed their work. Fanfic writers get absolutely nothing from writing these stories other than self-satisfaction and the gratitude of their readers. It really does mean a lot to them to get a note back, and it takes so little time to drop a line. Enjoy these stories!

There is no particular order to the list (going to go in order discussed):

All stories are GEN-FICTION
Warnings will be in green.

Listing them all for quick reference. The actual reviews that were written for the stories will be further down the thread.

Transference by Merisha: 16k words. Dean Centric. Early Season (1 or 2)
Cliffhanger by Merisha: 39k words. Slightly Dean-centric. Pre-series.

Red by BigPink: 78k words. Dean Centric. Season 1
Verbal by BigPink: 12k words. Dean-centric. S1 or S2.

And Fools Shine On by gekizetsu: 12k words. Dean Centric. Season 1
If Belief Were Enough by gekizetsu: 24K words. Dean Centric. S1
Woven by gekizetsu: 32K words. Dean Centric. S1

My Father's Favourite by Nongpradu: 40K words. Dean Centric. Pre-series.

Swimming the Lethe by Luxorien: 30K words. Dean Centric. Early Season.

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother by EFW: 58K words. Dean Centric. S2.

The Woods Are Lonely, Dark and Deep by Zatnikatel: 92K words. Dean Centric. S1.
The Killing Moon by Zatnikatel: 150K words. Dean Centric. S1.
Never Come Back by Zatnikatel: 92K words. Dean Centric. S4.
Shine by Zatnikatel: 127K words. Dean Centric. S5. Slightly AU.

And the Ground Shook by sams1a: 68K words. Dean Centric. Pre-series.

Ramble On by Gaelicspirit: 70K words. Dean Centric. S1
Desolation Angels by Gaelicspirit: 131K words. Dean Centric. S1
Heroes for Ghosts by Gaelicspirit: 120K words. Dean Centric. S1

Book of the Dead by Muffy Morrigan: 26K words. Dean Centric. Early Season.

Four Legged Friend by Dizzo: 23K words. Dean Centric. Early Season.
Number Fifty by Dizzo: 28k words. Dean Centric. S1 or S2.

Midsummer Nights Dream by PADavis: 11K words. Dean Centric. S3.

Under a Haystack by Janissa11: 30k words. Dean Centric. S1

Bean Stalker by Ophium: Dean-centric, 56k words. S4
Barba Rossa A Christmas Story With no Pirates by Ophium: Dean centric, 5k words. Pre-series (Stanford Years)

Out of the Dark, The Barbarossa Remix by Tifaching: Dean centric, 8k words. Pre-series (Stanford Years) based on the story by Ophium. (See Above)

Bite by P.L.Wynter: Dean Centric, 35k words, Pre-series.
When It’s Over by P.L.Wynter: Dean Centric, 36K, POST-Series. Deathfic.

Killing Me Softly by Sharlot: (shameless self-plug) Dean-centric, 71k words, S1

Black and Blue by Numpty: Dean-centric, 150k words. S1

Retribution by neonchica: Dean-centric, 55k words, S1 or S2
Armistice by may7fic: Dean-centric, 32k words. Stanford Years (pre-series)

Bound by Wired Witch: Dean-centric, 34k words. S1.

Heart to Heart by wave obscura: Dean-centric, 33k words. S1. AU

Here are the reviews that I gave each story:

Transference by Merisha: 16k words. Dean Centric. Early Season (1 or 2)This is a great little story. It’s not too long about 16k words (I normally tend to like the longer stories), but it’s a complete hurt/comfort blast. What makes this story stand out for me is the POV. The story is told from Dean’s POV who’s been shot during a hunt. And trust me, reading the action from Dean’s POV while he’s high on morphine is pure solid GOLD. It’s funny and touching, and Dean has never been more adorable. Dean’s description of his own road-side resuscitation is probably one of the standout moments of ANY fanfiction I’ve ever read. I was literally guffawing AND biting my nails. Fanfiction doesn’t get any better than that or, for that matter, closer to the spirit of “Supernatural” which also has me alternating between laughter and tears at any given moment. On a side note, the author also wrote the same story from Sam’s POV, and it’s quite good, but for me the original is the better telling simply for Dean’s POV in all its loopy glory. Her story Cliffhanger is also one of the very few non-supernatural hurt/comfort fanfics that I really liked.

Cliffhanger by Merisha: 39k words. Slightly Dean-centric. Pre-series. Hurt!Sammy, Hurt!Dean (Dean-centric especially in later chapters). Pre-series: Teen!Chesters. This is another story that is an exception to my rule about preferring my hurt/comfort to center on a hunt. There is a hunt here, but we only see the very tail-end of it, and then it's basically a life-or-death struggle from there on out with no further hunt. This was an incredibly captivating story. I just loved how the author changed the POV from chapter to chapter, getting inside the heads of all the Winchesters. It's extremely well written and all the Winchesters (including John) come off very well in this piece. If you haven't read it, I am absolutely certain it will be a standout for you.

Red by BigPink: 78k words. Dean Centric. Season 1: I utterly adored this story, and it is probably in my Top 3 all-time favorites. The boys fight the Big-Bad-Wolf in Washington State in three different eras of their lives. Man, this absolutely blew me away. I have no idea who BigPink is but this girl can WRITE. I mean, even her author’s notes are entertaining! I’ve read several of her stories with several more in the wings to be read this summer. She is one of the few fanfic authors whose original work I would absolutely buy if she published anything. One of the slight frustrations of fanfiction…There is no way to know who’s writing this is, and sometimes I fall so in love with an author that I would love to read original fics if I knew where to find them.

Verbal by BigPink: 12k words. Dean-centric. S1 or S2. Man, I just LOVE this author. This is the same author who wrote Red and Dazzland, which are two of my all time favorite fanfics. The writing is just freakishly good. I so, so, SO admire people who can string words together and turn it into art. This is just a little nugget of literary goodness, only 12k words long, but just a joy to read. Dean is cursed and cannot stop talking. Ha! Oh yes, there is much fun to be had from this. It's funny. It's touching. It's heartbreaking. It's shocking. It's awesome. This is just a tiny investment of time, so if you want a taste of BigPink without jumping into one of his/her longer fics, then try this one out. It's a great read.

And Fools Shine On, If Belief Were Enough, and Woven by gekizetsu: These three stories (they are dependent upon each other, so you have to read in the order listed) are absolutely brilliant. You know when you listen to a particularly amazing singer and you get shivers up your spine? Well, this writer gave me shivers and goosebumps of pure literary bliss. Amazing. The first story is basically about how Dean and Sam fight a Revenant that's currently holed up in...well...I won't spoil it. The other two stories are about the aftermath...and how the boys handle it when someone's soul has sort of sprung a leak. These stories get A's across the board from me for Characterization, Plot, Tension, Hurt/Comfort and Creativity.

My Father's Favourite by Nongpradu: 40K words. Dean Centric. Pre-series. This story is beautiful...and painful. It's about Lucifer taking advantage of an 11 year old Sam who greatest wish is that his family could just stay in one place. His wish is giving Dean cancer. Again, normally, I don't tend to gravitate toward debilitating disease stories, but this one completely won me over. I know nothing about the author, but I have to wonder how intimate she is with the subject matter. The way she has rendered the characters (the devastated parent in John, the guilt ridden healthy sibling in Sam, and the stoic bravery of the sufferer in Dean) just seems too heartbreakingly real and spot on. It had me a goopy mess by the end. (No, it's not a deathfic.) And for another shorter story from Nongpradu, I recommend Flagstaff. It's not a strict hurt/comfort story, but it's by far the best account that I've read of the events that Dean chided Sam about in Dark Side of the Moon, the time Sam ran away for two weeks. Again, superb writing.

Swimming the Lethe by Luxorien: 30K words. Dean Centric. Early Season. I'm sure within the Darkfic genre this story is probably pretty tame, but this is about as dark as I like to go. Just be aware, it's darker than your average hurt/comfort story. A brief summary is that something is taken from Dean and it's up to Sam to see that it is restored. Not going to lie, this story is pretty brutal and painful. The reason that it made my "favorite" list is because the story stayed with me long after I finished reading it, and even days later after I had moved on to other stories I found myself thinking about this story. You know how when you read a lot of fanfic how the stories just start to bleed together? And you look at your list of stories that you've read, and you can't quite recall which story is which, so you have to pull them up to remember..."oh yeah--yeah, I remember that one, now"?...I don't ever have to do that with this story. Swimming the Lethe always stood out to me. Unforgettable. It is well written, to boot, and that is always my number one criteria for making my favorite list. I also really love the title. Luxorien proves my own rule that you don't have to be a prolific fanfic writer to be exceptional. Wish she'd write more, though!

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother by EFW: 58K words. Dean Centric. S2. As I've stated previously, I don't generally like hurt/comfort stories that aren't tied to a good hunt story or have some supernatural element to it. Oddly enough, this is an exception that actually wound up in my "favorites" folder despite my personal bias. The story is pretty simple. The boys are stranded at the Road House during a huge storm that cuts off roads and phones and Dean is suffering from acute appendicitis. Simple set up, yes...but, WOW, the tension and drama never let up. Her rendition of Ellen and Ash are awesome as are her OC's (the old doctor and wife). But best of all is her rendition of Sam. He's a damn hero in this. He's awesome, and the brotherly bond is just so well done. I enjoyed this story from beginning to end. Much, much Dean hurtiness, but don't worry...Sam's lookin' out for him. It'll be aight!

Each of the following stories was written by Zatnikatel: The Woods Are Lonely, Dark and Deep, The Killing Moon, Never Come Back and Shine. Each story is roughly between 90k-150k words in length. All are Dean-centric. The stories take place in different seasons, the first two in Season 1, I think, the third in Season 4 and the last in Season 5. I’ll talk about the first three as a unit and then talk about Shine separately tomorrow. All of the stories are inter-related, but Shine is less dependent upon the others and could probably be read as a stand-alone without too much confusion.

I have to say right off, that I was a little misled by the brief description for The Woods Are Lonely, Dark and Deep, or I may have completely misinterpreted it, which is an entire possibility. The official description on ffdotnet is: “Missy Bender was three things. She was obsessive. She was insane. And she was in love – with a tall, beautiful stranger who looked real purty when he was hurting. But unfortunately for Dean Winchester, one thing she wasn’t was still locked in the closet...” Now, when I read this I kind of chuckled. Oh, that Missy Bender…”Dadddaaaayyyyy!”. Missy and Dean together?…this could be cute. She's 13 years old, how much damage can she do? So, I was thinking that the story might serve up some lighter fare. Let me be completely clear. The story is NOT light. This story (which continues on with its sequels The Killing Moon, and Never Come Back) is actually quite horrific. Dean is in deadly peril at the hands of Missy and her brother Lee Bender, and the amount of suffering Dean is put through is really staggering. Of all the fanfics I’ve read this is the only story that, while reading, my husband asked me if I was ok, because I was wincing, snuffling and “oh god’ing”, throughout. What makes this story bearable is Zatnikatel’s masterful telling. No joke, there are some phrases of hers that I would shellac, toss in a frame and nail to my wall if I could. I alternate between jaw-dropping awe and tooth-gnashing envy at her talent. But you know what? Awe wins out. Yeah, sometimes you just have to give it up to those whose talent completely outshine your own and just stand back, admire it, and cheer it on. It was the strength of her talent that convinced me to stay on board for a pretty disturbing ride. In the hands of a lesser writer, the story could have been eye-rollingly preposterous, a pernicious child with a Dean-doll…joyously bouncing it around, poking its eyes out, scalping it, slamming into a tree repeatedly, dipping the broken thing into a vat of honey and tossing it into a bear’s den in mid March. But there is nothing about Zatnikatel’s writing that is gratuitous or designed for mere sadistic titillation. The story is compelling, earnest and sad; and I found myself weeping often. Dean asking Kathleen to convey his message to Sam (the one where he rattles off key dates and events in Sam’s early life) in The Killing Moon, was heart shattering. Do not read these stories without a box of tissues at arm’s-length.

Shine by Zatnikatel: 127K words. Dean Centric. S5. Slightly AU.Set within her “Woods ‘Verse” in Season 5, it’s a 125k word (or there abouts) Dean-centric angsty adventure with splashes of hurt/comfort throughout. It’s really going to be difficult to do it proper justice without being too spoilery, but I’ll do my best. I read this about a year ago, so I hope I’m being accurate here, but if memory serves, I don’t recall this story being too terribly dependent upon her related works, The Woods are Lonely, Dark and Deep, The Killing Moon, and Never Come Back. While they may be referenced a few times, I think Shine could potentially be read cold. I just don’t know why anyone would want to. Heh. Her other stories are freakin’ awesome. But I digress…

The story is basically Zatnikatel’s “rewrite” of the end of Season 5, from the end of “Point of No Return” onwards. What I find especially crafty and clever is that while she takes the reader on a wild and awesome AU ride, by the time she reaches the end of her AU equivalent of “Swan Song”, all the characters are all pretty much in the same positions as the canon characters. So, going into her Season 6 would be not much different than canon. Without giving too much away, the story deals with the repercussions of Dean having said that little word (“yes”) in the Beautiful Room just prior to skewering Zachariah at the end of “Point of No Return”. The result is a fantastic, thought provoking—not to mention exciting, angsty, suspenseful, sad, and beautifully written (as we have come to expect from Zatnikatel)—variation on the original. Whether you are a Dean-girl looking for a less passive role for “Swan Song’s” Dean or whether you are a sated viewer just looking for something a little different, you won’t be disappointed. Very spoilery comment:
Spoiler (Click to reveal/hide)
What I found so interesting for myself, is that even though I thoroughly enjoyed her take on the story, I actually found myself glad that the show did not “go there”. And that is just so strange to discover, because prior to reading her story I would have thought that Michael/Dean is exactly what I would have wanted. As it turns out, however, I had the exact same reaction to Michael/Dean as Sam and Bobby. I felt the deepest and most profound sense of loss. I felt in essence that I had lost “Dean”, and I could not quite reconcile myself to his new (or “true”) form. So how twisted am I that I was actually happy to see Michael lose/give up his Grace? Although…having Dean utter the line, “Are you kidding me? I’m the prince of <effin’>’ light, for crying out—” was pure gold. Ha!
End very spoilery comment.

One word of caution, while there is no slash in the story there is what Zatnikatel labels pre-slash between Dean and Castiel. There is no pairing or anything like that, just a few odd comments and exchanges. I am not into slash fiction and it didn’t affect my enjoyment of the story.

An example of why I love this chick so much. Excerpt from Shine:

Dean leans back into the seat, rubs at his chin, feels a sudden surge of something inside, some feeling he doesn't quite recognize. "Damn right something's wrong," he snaps. "You got a vivid imagination, Sam. You been… you know? Sampling the local black-eyed peas or something? Sucking on things you shouldn't?" He doesn't know where the sneer comes from, but it's a <f-wordin'> swashbuckling, sword-swinging, mustache-twirling, peg-legged pirate of a sneer, with a parrot squawking on its shoulder.

Wow, ok, apparently I think I’m the freakin’ Roger Ebert of fanfiction, all of a sudden. Sorry for the length of these past few recs. I swear if I ever decide to write any fanfiction myself, someone is going to have to stop me at 700k words (and that will just be the prologue!). Geez lou-freakin’-weez!

And the Ground Shook by sams1a: 68K words. Dean Centric. Pre-series. Teen!Chesters. This story has, without a doubt, one of THE single most exciting/riveting/heart-wrenching first chapters I've ever read. Her Chapter 1 is John's worst nightmare, and the author wrote it so beautifully, you could just absolutely feel his (and Sam's and Dean's) emotions. It's really quite awesome (and hurty, hurty for Dean). That's not to say that the rest of the story doesn't measure up, because I quite enjoyed the whole thing. But I think any author could take a lesson from sams1ra's ability to hook (and horrify) the reader.

The following three Recs were all penned by Gaelicspirit. She's one of the queens of Hurt!Dean. I think her name appears in the "Favorite Author's" section of about 90% of those whose profiles I look up, and her fame is well earned. She's a lovely writer. The way she writes the brotherly bond is really second to none. One of the things that I also enjoy about her is that she writes some really good longer pieces. I tend to gravitate toward longer works. I just enjoy digging in and hunkering down with the same tale for a day or two. So if that's your thing, you should like these. While I recommend any work of her's I'm going to just briefly talk about a few that stood out to me the most:

Ramble On by Gaelicspirit: 70K words. Dean Centric. S1 The story is pretty simple. Wendigo hunt goes nine kinds of haywire, leaving both Sam and Dean hurt badly in the woods. They have to work their way back to safety while they hunt and are being hunted by the Wendigo. It's chalk full of brotherly love and angst, and hunter-hurty suspense. I think the trek out of the woods with the boys being aided by Abe was just heartbreaking.

Desolation Angels by Gaelicspirit: 131K words. Dean Centric. S1 This was a rockin' good time. But who wouldn't have fun on a ghost pirate the middle of the desert!! Amirite?! Loved the wicked pirates and the two "Anti-Winchesters"--the two rather unlikeable and churlish brothers who have been hunting for pirate treasure and who the Winchesters have to try and protect while literally dodging 200 year old pirate bullets.

Heroes for Ghosts by Gaelicspirit: 120K words. Dean Centric. S1 Before there was Frontierland there was Heroes for Ghosts! The boys are thrown back in time to 1870, and the last thing you want to be traveling with is a pretty nasty case of Daeva-poisoning with only 19th Century medicine (and no holy water in sight) to help. This story was a great ride (on horses no less!), and Gaelicspirit has created one of my all-time favorite OC's in her character of Hanna "Bird" O'Maera, the 11 year old girl who helps Dean and does all sorts of plucky 11 year old things. I actually wished Gaelic had made Bird even more central to the story, and I would actually be quite interested in reading a story that centered on Hannah as the main protag. If you're disappointed that you didn't get to see Dean ride a horse in Frontierland, this should hit the spot for you.

Book of the Dead by Muffy Morrigan: 26K words. Dean Centric. Early Season. I'm going to call this one of my guilty pleasures. It's a straight forward monster-hunt that gets out of hand. The boys are locked in a bookstore overnight with a pretty nasty spirit that runs amok all over poor Dean. Why this particular story made my favorite list is, well, first off, it takes place in a bookstore. That always gets points from me. But there is this little absurd quirk to the story. The spirit is this blob-like spirit, and throughout the story the boys refer to it as "Puffy". I don't know why, but that is just...endearing. Anyhoo, it's a pretty fun and quick read. If you're just lookin' for some hurty-hurty!Dean, you'll like this one.

Four Legged Friend by Dizzo: 23K words. Dean Centric. Early Season. The boys mount up on horseback to hunt a Chupacabra in remote regions. Do I have to even say that things kind of go bad early on? This story stuck with me. I enjoyed the fact that the boys really only had each other to rely on. Sometimes sticking them with so many OC’s can bog a story down. They’re stripped here. It’s just the two of them (and the horses!!!!), and Sam has to save Dean’s life when an attack leaves him seriously wounded. I very much enjoyed the writing style of this author, and the story was tense and well paced.

Number Fifty by Dizzo: 28k words. Dean Centric. S1 or S2. The boys get in over their heads when they are investigating a case in which people are being scared to death. There is a fair bit of hurt!Dean in this, and I remember that there were torture scenes, so if you are sensitive to that, I would stay away from it. I will say that I have read some pretty awful torture scenes (read one the other day that just literally turned my stomach and I refused to finish the fic), and this one is more or less PG13. But still...I'm a little sensitive myself; something about the boys being tortured always hurts me to read. But this one still wound up on my favorite list, so it couldn't have been TOO bad. Heh.

Midsummer Nights Dream by PADavis: 11K words. Dean Centric. S3. I usually like longer stories (and this author has written some really nice longer pieces. She's been on my favorite author list for a long while. I'll review some of her longer pieces later on.), but this one was a good length for chore-day. Dean get's trapped under a fallen tree during a hunt for a Dryad, and all he has to keep him company is a squirrel, a lost dog, and his fears of Hell. Sam and Bobby are looking for him. Really impressive writing skills from this lady. I enjoyed this one a lot. Go read, y'all.

Under a Haystack by Janissa11: 30k words. Dean Centric. S1. OK, I have never read a de-aged Winchester story before. Just never really interested me, but for some reason I went ahead and read this story. Dean is cursed and is de-aged from 27 to 7 years old. The writing is flat out inspired. Just incredible story-telling, completely gripping. I laughed, I cried, I bit my nails. What also really impressed me is that the story was written during the airing of Season 1, and yet the author absolutely nails the relationship (even as skewed as it is by the new age difference) and the characters. Excellent story. It blew me away. I'm glad that of all the de-aged stories out there, that I found this one to read. Highly recommend it.

Bean Stalker by Ophium: Dean-centric, 56k words. S4. Wow, despite the fact that Dean gets really roughed up in this one, it was extremely entertaining, and it actually made me ever so slightly red-faced...being such a sucker for hurt!Dean. Alright, this takes place during and right after the events of The Monster At The End of This Book. An insane fan (and we're not talking goofy Becky-type of insane, but a genuine psychopath) attempts to stalk "Carver Edlund" so that she can find out what happened after Dean went to Hell (since his books end there), but instead she runs into the Winchesters right as they arrive for the first time. She stalks the boys during the events of the normal episode and follows them to the next town the stop in, where she abducts Dean as she wants to get the true story straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak. This story is heavily influenced by the classic movie "Misery".

Funny thing about being similar to "Misery" is that I have never been able to sit through "Misery". Hehe...I know the story, of course, and have seen key scenes, but I've never been able to sit down and just watch the movie; I just find it too graphic and disturbing. Of course that didn't stop me here. LOL. /red faced shame! Yeah, this is one is pretty rough on poor old Dean, but despite the boys' obvious relationship issues at this time, Sammy is still looking out for Dean and the core of their bond and their love does come through here, and I actually like a lot. I am completely ashamed to say that I enjoyed this one immensely.

Barba Rossa A Christmas Story With no Pirates by Ophium: Dean centric, 5k words. Pre-series (Stanford Years) and Out of the Dark, The Barbarossa Remix by Tifaching: Dean centric, 8k words. Two different authors write the same story from two different perspectives. Both are equally wonderful. The original piece is Barba Rossa A Christmas Story With no Pirates by Ophium, but I actually read Out of the Dark, The Barbarossa Remix by Tifaching first (found it by accident and didn’t know that it was a “remix” of an original until after I finished it). So honestly, it really doesn’t matter which you read first.

The pieces are quite brief, but this story has always stayed with me. Dean is found wandering the streets around Christmas time. He’s dirty, thin, reeking of alcohol and very confused. He’s taken to the hospital to detox, even though he is emphatic that he’s not drunk. Ophium’s story is from the perspective of the emergency room nurse. Tifaching’s story is from Dean’s perspective and tells not only about the hospital, but pretty much how he got there (in as far as Dean is able to perceive it in his muddled state). Both of these stories are emotionally powerful. My only beef with them is that they are so brief. Would have loved to have seen far more, but what is shown is gripping and extremely well-written from both authors.

Bite by P.L.Wynter: Dean Centric, 35k words, Pre-series. Sam is 15, Dean is 19 and they are on a hunt with their dad who has been called onto a case by an ex-Marine buddy whose town is experiencing a rash of disappearances. Dean tries to hide the fact that he is hunting with the flu, John is clueless and Sam is torn between telling his dad the truth and staying loyal to Dean. When John finds out and orders Dean off the case and into bed to recover, he inadvertently puts his son’s life in far more peril than merely fighting a bug. This is a twisty-turny story in which the Winchesters have to piece together what and who is doing the killings in the town. This is an extremely well written, gripping, whodunit type of story.

When It’s Over by P.L.Wynter: Dean Centric, 36K, POST-Series. Deathfic. AU . I know, right?! I said previously that I loathe Death-fic and am not too keen on AU. I know it. I still feel that way, but every once in a great while a story will come along that makes me bend my own rules. This is one of them. In this AU fic, Sam quit hunting after S1. He married Sara from Provenance. He is a lawyer and he and Sara have a couple of children. Dean remained a hunter all these years and he is now around 40 years old. An accident leaves him permanently disabled (another thing I usually abhor! I know, CRAZY, right?), and he comes to live with Sam and Sara. This story has so many elements that I avoid like the plague…and yet…this is beautifully written, incredibly emotional and just all around amazing story-telling. I can completely understand if folks usually shy away from these types of stories, but if you ever decide to put your toe into the water of one…make it this one. It’s incredible.

Killing Me Softly by Sharlot: (shameless self-plug) Dean-centric, 71k words, S1. This is the most AMAZING story I ever read! OK, just kidding. How do I sell my own story? Basically it's about how Dean gets tapped by an Evil Muse and is turned into a mad-genius artist. Now go read it and leave me a review, for cryin' in a frickin' lickin' bucket. /grovel

Black and Blue by Numpty: Dean-centric, 150k words. S1. This was a review by Mags. Note: The story is now complete. Ok so I'm excited I found this new author,and she's pretty good. She seems to write the brothers pretty good. The story is called Black and Blue and the author is named Numpty. This is her first supernatural fic,it is a work in progress,or WIP. The fic was published THIS june and updated in july. I hope the story gets finished. Its set in the past AFTER faith,so sam has this new protective feeling towards Dean,but also still kinda mourns the "normal" life he had in palo alto...and both are being delt with when they end up taking a case of a friend of sam's. Dean's going to be in danger....according to the synopsis...and sam is going to have to work thru those new protective feelings he has ,since dean almost died. I REALLY like the MOTW that the author chose to write about....its extremely interesting so check it out and let me know what you guys think....and if you like it give the author kudos for a job well done....being her first supernatural fic...

Retribution by neonchica: Dean-centric, 55k words, S1 or S2. Dean is abducted by someone who wants revenge for a past-hunt. His revenge takes the form of rendering Dean paralyzed from the neck down and vent-dependent. It's up to Sam to try and rescue his brother and up to Dean to make an impossible decision as to whether his injury will be permanent or not. This was a decently written fic. I thought that the plot was really intriguing and I found myself barreling through it to see how things would turn out.

Armistice by may7fic: Dean-centric, 32k words. Stanford Years (pre-series). (Very little Sam. This is mostly a Dean--John story). This story simply blew me away. Like...AWAY....away. The story takes place about 6 months after Sam left for Stanford. Dean and John are on a hunt about 200 miles away from Palo Alto. Dean is begging his father to allow him to go see Sam while they are so close. John, of course, doesn't think it's a good idea. Dean is so fixated on the issue, though, that he is inattentive during a simple salt-and-burn. When things go south, Dean is left with a serious concussion. This is the best Stanford Years fanfic I've read. It was BRILLIANTLY fact, the story just got better and better and better the further into it I got. Dang thing made me cry. Great fic. Lots of hurt!Dean, sure...but the brotherly bond (even though Sam is hardly in the story...the bond is SO palpable) and the bond between John and Dean is touching. Highly recommend this one.

Bound by Wired Witch: Dean-centric, 34k words. S1. A hunt that Dean worked with John when Sam was at Stanford comes back to haunt him in a BIG way. This is just a little gem of a story. Great episodic fanfic. It's a well written, tight little fanfic with so much to love in it. There's hurt!Dean, brotherly angst and bonding, fierce-protective!Sam. There's even a dash of Evil!Dean in it! /gasp! That's right. That's something you rarely ever see, and it was great fun. And yet the entire story has a lightness to it. It's not weighted in hopelessness or drenched in sadness as many fanfics are. Sometimes I feel the need for a prozac drip after reading some...not knocking them, because many of those "heavy" fics are just gorgeous and masterfully written. But it's also nice to just have a good old-fashioned S1 hunt-with-a-dash-of-angst. So if you're ever in the mood for a couple hours with the boys and a hunt. Read this. It's delightful!

Heart to Heart by wave obscura: Dean-centric, 33k words. S1 right after "Faith". AU. I am still digesting this story, and I have not completely worked out everything that I feel about it. I can tell you that it was one of the most well-written, incredibly paced, gripping stories I have read. It honestly came so tantalizingly close to literally being in the Top-5 of my all time favorite fanfics. The ending, though, wounded me so much that I almost didn't rec it at all. But in the end, I think that my hang up with the end is MY hang up with the end. And it would honestly be a SHAME not to let people know about this story and let them make their own decision. The story is AU in that Dean was not cured by Roy LaGrange after Faith. He was medically treated (this is part of the story so I can't give too much away) enough that he is not "terminal", but he is really no better off than he was in canon. He's weak as a kitten, can barely breathe, etc. Sam is trying to cope with his desperately ill brother and work a hunt at the same time.

I have not yet read anything else by this author, but I am SO impressed with him/her. Really truly UNIQUE writing and a UNIQUE story. The story is surprising, refreshing, bold and spicy, feisty and daring. I literally gobbled it down. It was so compelling and so interesting. My own personal taste leaves me wanting that fairytale ending that you don't get here. But by judging from the comments of those who reviewed, that's really MY problem, I think. The author DID leave the ending open for a sequel and did mention that he/she was planning on writing one, but alas, I looked and noted that none was ever written. That doesn't diminish that this was an amazing ride.

Re: Supernatural fanfiction rec thread

PostPosted: Mon Mar 12, 2012 4:19 am
by Sharlot
Hey, just wanted to let you all know that one of my buddies has just started posting a new hurt!Dean story on I've had the good fortune to beta this story, and I think it's fantastic.

The Trick Is To Keep Breathing by Numpty: It is currently a WIP, but she is over 10 chapters ahead posting-wise. The story picks up right after S2's episode "Hunted". It's Dean-centric, h/c.