Warning Appeals

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Warning Appeals

Postby Dharmageddon on Mon Apr 28, 2008 8:39 pm

Warning Appeals -
All forum members are welcome to appeal against one or more of their warnings. To do so, you should create a thread within the ‘Warning Appeals’ forum. The thread should follow the following protocols:

• In the thread title, state the number of the warning that you wish to appeal.
(Is the warning your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc?)

• You should clearly state your reasoning/s for wanting to appeal the warning in question. Explain why you feel that the warning should be revoked, giving full and frank reasoning/s.

• You should not quote the original warning in your post.

• You should show a certain level of maturity in your post/s. Warnings are no laughing matter, and the punishment system is not to be taken lightly.

**Warning appeals will be immediately denied if they fail to meet these simple and straightforward guidelines**


Warnings may be appealed on the grounds of:

• Good behaviour
(A single warning may be removed if you have gone two months without receiving a warning)

• Ignorance of rules
(This ground may only be applied by Users who have only been members of the forum for less than two (2) weeks)

• Unfair/Unwarranted warnings
(The appeal must be made within one (1) week of receiving the warning in question. You should clearly state why you feel that the warning was not merited, but you should remain respectful towards staff at all times)


Warning appeals will be handled by the Senior Staff. Any appeals applied under the ‘Unfair/Unwarranted warnings’ act will 'NOT' be handled by the Moderator/Staff that issued the warning.

If you are confused about any of the information stated above, feel free to contact any member of the Senior Staff with your queries.


Disclaimer - These forums are owned, run and operated privately by DarkUFO and a group of volunteers. Rules and forum laws are enforced as a means of maintaining order, but more importantly preserving a healthy and friendly forum atmosphere. In our aim to provide a friendly, fun and prosperous forum community, we will not hesitate to issue warnings to people who set out to ignore and undermine the forum rules set in place.
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