Season 8: The Final Season of Our Beloved Housewives

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Season 8: The Final Season of Our Beloved Housewives

Postby Smiley Face on Sat Aug 06, 2011 2:54 am

EXCLUSIVE: It's a sad day for the smart and sassy suburban women on Wisteria Lane and the worldwide audience of approximately 120 million who watch them. We've just learned that ABC will announce on Sunday at the Television Critics Association's press tour that this 2011-2012 season will be the last for long-running Desperate Housewives.

Key castmembers are starting to be told, and we hear that Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross, and Eva Longoria are shocked and saddened since the ABC Studios series created by Marc Cherry was expected to continue until 2013 after the longtime showrunner had said that he wanted the show to go for 9 seasons.

ABC also contracted with the show's four stars for the next season after lengthy salary negotiations with the quartet this past season. In addition to signing them for this coming season, ABC also got options on them for Season 9. But when this season's premiere episode is broadcast on Sunday, September 25th, it will be the first for the series without Cherry at the helm. He stepped down at the end of last season as executive producer/showrunner and is expected to be a consultant on Season 8 while focusing on development of other series. Cherry also was slapped by former castmate Nicolette Sheridan with an embarrassing lawsuit over a purported slap which is still winding its way through the Los Angeles courts. Her claims of battery, wrongful termination, and unlawful retaliation will be argued in front of a jury.

Since the provocative and profitable dramedy's premiere on October 3, 2004, the show has been a hit with viewers and critics alike: a solid Nielsen performer as well as a multiple Emmy and Screen Actors Guild award winner. The series premiere drew 21.6 million viewers and the show's first season finale attracted over 30 million viewers. Since 2006 and continuing into 2010, it was the most-watched comedy series internationally, with an average viewership of 51.6 million viewers across 68 territories. Moreover, it was the third-highest revenue earning show for 2010, with $2.74 million per half hour.

Source: Deadline

EW has learned that Desperate Housewives will end its eight-year run on ABC in May. The network is expected to make it official on Sunday, when it meets with the nation’s TV critics in Beverly Hills.

News of the show’s series finale doesn’t come as a huge surprise, since the four stars recently went through a protracted — and pricey — salary renegotiation to return for another season of the Sunday drama. (Earning north of $400,000 per episode, they were already among the highest-paid actresses in prime time). Still, the drama’s core cast — which includes Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross and Eva Longoria — were reportedly shocked by the decision, as creator Marc Cherry had indicated that he wanted the show to extend through a ninth year.
Housewives — which has earned multiple awards since its 2004 premiere, including Emmys for Huffman and Kathryn Joosten– certainly isn’t the most-talked about series on TV right now but it remains a stable player on ABC’s lineup. Though not as competitive as it used to be, the series averaged 11.9 million viewers last season (down from 14.1 million the previous year) and a 3.9 rating among adults 18-49 (down from a 4.9). It’s been averaging a drop of a full ratings point each season over the last three years.

Meanwhile, Cherry has begun to focus on ABC’s future. He developed a drama called Hallelujah that didn’t get a pickup for fall. He’s now rewriting the high-concept show about a Tennessee town that finds itself being torn apart by forces of good and evil. There’s even a musical element to the show.
In addition to his duties on Housewives, the new project no doubt provided a welcome respite from the drama that’s currently winding its way through the court system involving ex-Wisteria Lane resident Nicollette Sheridan. The actress alleged that she was wrongfully terminated from Housewives after getting into an argument with Cherry. Though the initial news of Sheridan’s departure was a shocker, the show continued without losing a beat, especially after it added Vanessa Williams as Renee Perry to the neighborhood.

Next season’s premiere on Sept. 25 should be particularly interesting to fans since it will address this season’s big cliffhanger. All of the women are hiding the murder of a man who raped Gaby when she was a child. The baddo was actually Gaby’s stepfather, played by Ugly Betty’s Tony Plana. Gaby’s husband Carlos was the one who killed him but all the women witnessed the murder.

Housewives has always been at its best when all four of the women are knee-deep in some sort of nightmare.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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