Today i see.....

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Re: Today i see.....

Postby dutchie on Sun Jul 30, 2017 12:46 pm

Notice wrote:
dutchie wrote:Twin Peaks


Mr. Jackpots, I love that scene.
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Re: Today i see.....

Postby Notice on Wed Sep 27, 2017 10:09 pm

Fear the Walking Dead got really good :O
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Re: Today i see.....

Postby DarthLocke on Fri Sep 29, 2017 3:55 pm

Let's see...

I recantly rewatched Outlander and I am caught up on the first three episodes of season 3! I love John Gray (I have read 2 of The Lord John novels also).

I am now rewatching Alias--am in the first third of the third season!

As soon as I am done, I will be either rewatching Frontier before the new season, or Stranger Things before the new season!

I watched almost all of Midnight Texas. As a book fan, I love the cast, but they breezed way to fast through plots and spelled way to much out for the audience. I don't think it's going to get a second season.

I'm also still watching Ray Donovan. I wasn't too happy when they cast Susan Surandon, given some of her political allegences, but a: she hasn't been in it too much. b: her characters is very different looking/behaving than most other roles she has been in. C. the season as depressing as it has been, has made great use of it's "flashback" story line -- and I haven't enjoyed Ray Donovan this much since season 2 or 3.

For new shows, I have seen Star Trek: Discovery 1.01/1.02. I love it. Even though Bryan Fuller walked away, I can still see his genius and darker-deeper philosophical tones. It's a nice update that has Fuller's edginess, a bit of Abrams/Kelvenverse sense of adventure or flash (just a smaller amount), and yet there is still something very prime star trek at it's core in Michael's character. (She reminds me of Kirk and Spock mashed-together).

I have seen the Pilot for The Gifted (X-Men spin off) and really liked it. Though Bryan Singer did a good job making it feel like an X-Men film. I'm looking forward to new episodes!

I also watched the Pilot for Young Sheldon, despite that I don't really watch TBBT. It reminded me so MUCH of the Wonder Years--and as it turns out, TWY was an influence. So I will probably watch it in chunks. It has a nice heart of gold at it's center.

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