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Predict the finale - major spoilers within

PostPosted: Sun Jun 13, 2010 11:40 am
by CJ Sonic
Using any and all spoilers so far can you predict the finale and what will happen.

My guess:

River Song summons the doctor but is working for the bad guys.

In the synopsis it says the most feared thing is in the pandorica. What if it isnt in there yet, and it is actually a prison for the doctor and it is the doctor that is put in. and left for eternity. Amy tries to travel back to her wedding day with rory but in doing so causes the tardis to explode on her wedding date,causing the cracks.

The cracks are the blast going back in time following the tardis

River has a change of heart and releases the doctor and the doctor has to go back through time fixin all of the problems the cracks have created

Possible side theory:

Amelia (young) is in the pandorica and the reason she is the most feared is because she causes the cracks, hence why the crack grew at the end of the lodger when she started to remember

Re: Predict the finale - major spoilers within

PostPosted: Sun Jun 13, 2010 8:42 pm
by Jaysus_almighty
My theory is partially what your first is: that the 'most feared being in the cosmos, the one soaked in the blood of a thousand galaxies', is gonna be The Doctor. It opens to trap someone, rather than release someone.

However, I'm not sure about River being part of it. Simply because she said in the Weeping Angel eps that she remembers that time fondly, and I think she's be carrying guilt for it rather than look back proudly. I'm also not sure about Amy using the TARDIS, because in the official synopsis for The Big Bang, it says the TARDIS is gone.

As for what causes the cracks, I'm pretty sure it will be The Tardis - given the major clue that the keyhole is the same shape as the cracks. But I'm still unsure how it will occur.....or how the thing will survive if it is the cause of the explosion.