His Song Is Ending

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His Song Is Ending

Postby The Strog on Mon Apr 13, 2009 1:21 am

This has to do with speculation surrounding 10s final days.

Last night, Carmen (the psychic woman) told 10 that his "song was ending," that "it is returning through the darkness," and that "he will knock 4 times."

In regards to the "song was ending" line, here's a picture that was taken during filming of "The Waters of Mars."

http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s110 ... CF3678.jpg

Photo credited to Scooty.

That's right...Ood Sigma is back.

Someone mentioned Planet of the Ood in the other thread, and I wanted to post this here.

So essentially, this thread is a space for you to speculate about what's coming up. Post what you think each of the 3 lines mean:

1) "Your song is ending." - Easy. DT's time in the TARDIS is coming to an end. The song reference goes back to the Ood, who predicted the loss of Donna last year. And who returns in Waters of Mars.

2) "He will knock four times." - This is an interesting one because WE think we know who it is. The Master. But...in the POTD podcast, Tennant said something along the lines of, "If you think you know who the 'he' means, then you're wrong!" So it might not be as easy as that...any suggestions? :unsure:

3) "It is returning through the darkness." - This is the best one. I think "it" is referring to Gallifrey. Someone at the Doctor Who forum speculated that The Master somehow brings the timelord race back, and then the timelords look favorably upon him for doing so. The Doctor, on the other hand, looks like a war criminal for killing them all. So, when Smith takes over...he's a Doctor on the run, so-to-speak. I like that idea.

What do you think?
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