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'Hardest' maths problem 'solved'

PostPosted: Thu Aug 12, 2010 11:33 am
by DarkUFO
A computer scientist has solved one of the most difficult and complex mathematics problems in the world.

Its one of the seven problems set out by the Massachusetts-based Clay Mathematical Institute as the most difficult to solve. Vinay Deolalikar will net himself $1 million prize if his deductions are found to be correct.

Vinay Deolalikar, who works at the research arm of Hewlett-Packard in Palo Alto, California, believes he has solved the riddle of P vs NP in a move that could transform mankind’s use of computers as well as earn him a $1m (£650,000) prize. ... vs-NP.html

Re: 'Hardest' maths problem 'solved'

PostPosted: Thu Aug 12, 2010 6:51 pm
by Brewski
One thing i learned from secondary school and doing maths.
The answers are always in the back of the book!! :lol:

Re: 'Hardest' maths problem 'solved'

PostPosted: Sun Aug 29, 2010 1:19 pm
by mom
:rofl: @ Brew..... Cool stuff Dark Thanks :)