[READ BEFORE POSTING] Character Debate and Appreciation

Discuss your favourite and least favourite characters

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[READ BEFORE POSTING] Character Debate and Appreciation

Postby CJ Sonic on Sun Jul 20, 2008 12:22 am

Welcome to the 'LOST Character Discussion' Sub-Forum.

This Sub-Forum will house LOST character debate. The two main types will focus on 'Debate' and 'Appreciation'. Here is our definition of both:

Appreciation - This is basically a "like/love" thread. Talk about your love of a character, about how you feel about them and any general good-will towards that character.

Debate - Debate threads will focus on the pros and cons of a LOST character. This is where people can debate and discuss particular points about that character. Love on a character, or hate on a character; it's up to you.

We, as a forum community, feel that expressing your views on characters within any show is a great tool for discussion, and it makes this forum the great place that it is. However, forum users are expected to behave in a respectful manner.

Please read and follow the following set of rules:


    No heated debate in 'Appreciation' threads - There will be no debating or hating in these threads, this is purely for the best points of these characters. "Appreciation".

    No Spoilers - Please do not post any sort of spoilers within these discussion, do not post any future episode spoilers. You may make guesses/theories but nothing more.

    Respect the views of others - Just because someone has a different opinion to you, it doesn't mean that they are wrong. Discuss their views and thoughts, but never be disrespectful.

    Debate, but don't abuse - Debate topics can often become heated, and people can become emotionally attached. By all means argue your point, but please do not abuse other forum members. Act maturely and responsibly.

    We are here to have fun - Remember we are not here to argue, we are here to discuss and have fun with other forum members. This is what makes DarkUFO/SpoilerTV the best online community on the web.

    The moderator's decision is final - If a moderator deems a post non-relevant, off-topic or offensive, they do so for the benefit of the forum community as a whole. Please do not publicly question a moderator's power. If you have an issue with any member of moderator staff, you may PM a forum administrator or the lead moderator.


These rules are also subject to change at any time, at the discretion of the SpoilerTV Senior Staff, and we will inform all members accordingly of these changes. If we feel that the character Appreciation and Debate threads are not being used appropriately i will lock them until i feel fit to re-open, so please try to follow these guidelines.

We know people can become very emotional and attached to their points of view but please try to be respectful at all times and remember we are all here to have fun!!!

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