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Doctor Who Season 12

Postby Sym on Tue Mar 10, 2020 9:37 am

What do you think of the season just ended.

I liked it a lot.
The new Master is amazing.

The revelation of the origins of the doctor; I have many theories in my mind.

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Re: Doctor Who Season 12

Postby Sandiwich11 on Wed Mar 18, 2020 6:43 pm

It was a mixed bag for me; the good was thin on the ground and the bad was pretty damn awful at times. I liked the new Master and loved his reveal in the first episode. It felt as though the show had been given a jolt to the arm after the problems with the previous series and I was so excited to see where we would be taken with the teasers of the him, the Timeless Child, etc. I wasn't so keen on the fact that the Master had destroyed Gallifrey, getting rid of it after just getting it back seemed a bit of an odd choice at that point, but it didn't really become too much of a problem for me until the end of the series. By then I was really p***ed that they had got rid of all the Timelords again if I'm honest.

I also liked that the Companions were written and used better, at times, through the series. They didn't all have the same reaction to everything going on around them or the complete compliance to 13's actions and requests which was a big bugbear for me in S11. However, I still felt as though many of the 'one and done' travellers were often far more relatable, well rounded and - to be completely honest - likeable than the main three characters. I still do not feel any real chemistry binding them and the Doctor either, so this 'fam' business remains grating too. They know so little about her, which this series in particular took pains to lay bear for us.

How can anyone want to travel through time and space and not have some basic questions about the why and hows of who they are with! Every other Companion aboard the TARDIS has bonded with the Doctor, with both sides sharing their stories, emotions, questions, etc. Yet we know that Yaz, Ryan, and Graham aren't this naive and complacent, we've see them asking everyone else they met on their adventures these kind of questions every week in order to find out what's going on around them. For them to not even have questioned where the Doctor - someone they consider close enough to be a part of their 'family' - is from a whole year into their travels is just bizarre to me.

The episodes themselves were also all over the places. Praxeus, Orphan, and Can You Hear Me? in particular were dreadful, with Fugitive of the Judoon being the series lone standout for me, although it relied on its reveals a tad in order to make it so. I'm still not 100% sure how I feel about the Timeless Child reveal, the Doctor not actually being a Timelord after all is a strange and alien (if you pardon the pun) concept after nearly 60 years of narrative telling us otherwise.

I feel as though we're still in the middle of this plot though, with the S12 having been Act II of the story Chibs is wanting to tell us. Which means I am going to have to get through S13 in order to see the end of this through, whereas I had told myself I was out after disconnecting with so many of the episodes this year. At present, I'm holding out to see what happens in the nest special, which I assume will be Xmas/NY time, and by then I will have hopefully had time to come to a decision over whether I will watch S13 or not.

I think it will also depend on who is joining Jodie in the TARDIS as I think the fam will be gone by then. Could we see Jack back for a few episodes, or even a full-time stint for a bit? I know Barrowman would love that if he could fit his other stuff around the filming, and it may even bring back some of the viewers which I think the Beeb would be happy about too. If not, I'd like to see another alien on board, I'm fed up on humans travelling with the Doctor and would like a change up in the TARDIS team.
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